• Режим роботи

    28 November 2022
    Компанія працює в особливому режимі, всі відвантаження та обробки замовлень відбуваються під час періодів наявності електропостачання в офісі та на складах. Залишайте замовлення через сайт та едектронну пошту, ми обов'язково все обробимо.
  • Appeal

    11 March 2022

    Friends and partners
    Today our company is working on a regular basis, all shipments and processing of orders are temporarily suspended until the situation is clarified. Keep yourselves.

  • How to choose wheel supports for the cart

    10 March 2022
    The wheel support is a roller or wheel with a fork mount in the form of a bracket. They are available with a bolt or hole under it, with a platform. For the latter, 2-4 swivel or non-swivel mounts are used, which are inserted into special holes
  • How to choose a garden wheelbarrow, for what work to use it

    10 March 2022
    When transporting garbage, fertilizers, earth, other items used in the garden and vegetable garden, a special wheelbarrow is required. This handy accessory will allow you to work on the site faster and easier, relieve stress on your arms and shoulders.
  • Features of operation of trolleys for gas cylinders

    9 March 2022
    In household and agriculture, industry, construction, production, a trolley for a gas cylinder is in demand. This is a product specially designed for the transport of cylindrical containers. The model on manual control, consists of a vertical frame, a platform for cargo and wheels located on the axle.
  • Types of wheel supports and their differences. Specificity of mobile equipment

    19 February 2022
    Trolleys are an indispensable attribute of household services. They are usually not noticed in everyday bustle, but without such devices, moving cargo would turn into a big problem. For this reason, the condition of their nodes must be carefully monitored. One of the most important elements included in the design of the trolley is the swivel wheel support.
  • Selection of wheels for pallet trucks. Types of wheel supports used

    10 February 2022
    Hydraulic trolleys (rollers) are equipment for moving goods, which is key to building the logistics of warehouses, shopping malls, transport companies and transshipment terminals. The main advantages of the "rokhli" - high carrying capacity, good maneuverability and simple control - directly depend on the quality and technical characteristics of the wheels and rollers installed on the carts.
  • Wheels for bakery equipment. Varieties of carts for the bakery

    1 February 2022
    For the proper organization of the work of an enterprise that produces bread and related products, information is needed not only about what ovens and technical means it is worth equipping a baking shop, but also about what bakery trolleys are and what wheel systems should be installed on them.
  • Two-wheeled cargo trolley and main areas of application

    30 January 2022
    The two-wheeled platform cargo trolley belongs to the varieties of warehouse equipment. It is designed to move various types of small piece loads that can be stacked on top of each other (boxes, pallets, etc.) over short distances. It is usually used in warehouses, shops and supermarkets, workshops, production facilities, construction sites, etc.
  • Choosing wheels for trolleys: types and features of different designs

    24 January 2022
    The wheels for the trolley are one of the most important elements of the entire structure, which, in fact, determines the functionality of the transport device. Such characteristics as ride comfort, noise level and wear resistance directly depend on their quality and appearance. Therefore, when buying, it is worthwhile to carefully study the range of models, to understand their main properties.
  • Platform cargo trolley and main areas of application

    21 January 2022
    A platform cargo trolley is a specialized equipment that is used to transport various types of goods in a warehouse, shop, production facility, workshop, etc. These structures make it easier to transport, reduce the workload on workers
  • Hydraulic hand stacker for warehouse, shop and workshop

    17 January 2022
    Stackers are special warehouse equipment designed to move and lift loads to a height (usually no more than three meters). Today, such means of mechanization are presented in a wide variety of modifications.
  • Hydraulic trolley: main applications

    12 January 2022
    The hydraulic trolley (also known as rocker or roll) is a special transport device for transporting goods in storage conditions. She uses a pitchfork as a platform, with which you need to pick up a pallet.
  • Safety when using platform trolleys

    9 January 2022
    The platform cart is included in the list of the most demanded means of mechanization for warehouses and shops, as well as many production workshops, providing a comfortable movement of various loads
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022!

    29 December 2021
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2022 from Fregat
  • Tips for repairing hydraulic carts (rockers)

    28 December 2021
    The hydraulic rocker is designed for moving heavy loads. The equipment is equipped with a manual drive. Most of all, the cart is in demand in warehouses, where it is used for loading and unloading operations and moving goods.
  • Which type of wheels is better

    15 December 2021
    A forklift truck for pallets of a hydraulic type (rocket or rocker) is an important means of mechanization for many warehouses, as well as trade and some other enterprises involved in cargo handling.
  • 5 differences between a stacker and a reach truck

    25 November 2021
    A forklift is the most popular type of warehouse equipment. With its help, 2/3 of all loading and unloading operations are performed. This category of warehouse equipment includes two variants of special equipment: stackers and reach trucks.
  • What is a pallet weigher?

    16 November 2021
    The hand pallet truck with scales is a warehouse equipment characterized by wide functionality. The presence of such equipment allows you to simultaneously perform several tasks, which is very important in any enterprise.
  • How to maintain a tubeless tire

    8 November 2021
    One of the common causes for these tires to fail and go out of service is the loss of air pressure inside the tire. Of course, these are, first of all, punctures, cuts of the very surface of tires working in hard rock quarries.
  • Wheels for trolleys, which material is better to choose?

    30 October 2021
    Wheels are one of the main elements of the running gear of warehouse equipment. The durability and reliability of the equipment directly depend on their correct choice. Therefore, the issue must be approached responsibly.
  • How to choose wheel supports for hand trucks

    23 October 2021
    The wheel is the main element of the cargo cart providing movement of the equipment on a warehouse, shop or a construction site. Therefore, the quality of its execution must be impeccable.
  • Buying a pallet truck: questions to help you

    16 October 2021

    The pallet trolley is a handy unit designed to facilitate the workflow and thereby increase business productivity. Manufacturers produce a variety of designs that differ in functional characteristics, dimensions and additional capabilities.

  • Stacker, design and application benefits

    9 October 2021
    To speed up various operations with goods in the warehouse, specialized devices are used that facilitate and simplify the work of personnel. One of them is a stacker.
  • Industrial wheels for warehouse equipment

    29 September 2021
    An industrial wheel is an integral part of warehouse equipment. The functionality of the transport device directly depends on its characteristics. In addition, the wheels determine other parameters of warehouse equipment, including ease of control, durability and noise.
  • Rokla is the most widespread and demanded type of warehouse equipment

    22 September 2021
    Rokla is a type of warehouse equipment that is designed to transport various goods placed on pallets over short distances. Equipment of this type has found its application in various fields.
  • Trolley wheels: selection options

    15 September 2021
    The wheel for the trolley is the most important element of the entire structure, which provides the ability to move equipment across the territory of a warehouse, workshop, car service, production or construction site.
  • Platform trolleys, design and main areas of application

    1 September 2021
    The platform trolley is a popular model of warehouse equipment that is used to transport goods and cargo for various purposes. It is used in workshops, supermarkets, medical institutions, car services and construction sites.
  • Two-wheeled trolley for a warehouse, shop, production. Overview and characteristics

    21 August 2021
    A two-wheeled cart is a kind of warehouse equipment. It is designed to move various types of piece small-sized cargo (pallets, boxes, boxes, boxes, containers), which can be stacked on top of each other, over short distances.
  • Wheels for trolleys used in industrial ovens

    10 August 2021
    Warehouse equipment and lifting equipment that operate at high temperatures (bakery and confectionery production, drying chambers, industrial ovens, cheese dairies, factories for the production of ceramics, porcelain, glass items, professional kitchens) must be equipped with heat-resistant wheels
  • How to choose a transport trolley for easy handling of containers and crates

    3 August 2021
    A transport trolley is a type of equipment used to move various goods (containers, boxes, tools) over short distances: across the territory of a supermarket, warehouse, production or industrial facility.
  • Two-wheel trolley - a convenient and practical warehouse technology

    27 July 2021
    To move certain goods (bags, barrels, water bottles, gas equipment, oxygen and acetylene cylinders) inside the premises, a specific trolley is used - a two-wheeled model
  • Selection Criteria for Mobile Scissor Lift Table

    20 July 2021

    The scissor lift mobile table is a versatile technique that is actively used in many areas. Its application provides access to the load located at a height, and also allows you to lift and transport a variety of items.

  • How to repair a pallet truck (rocklu)

    10 July 2021
    A pallet truck is a warehouse equipment designed to move goods. Rokla is equipped with a manual drive, which allows you to lift even heavy objects
  • What is a pallet weigher?

    25 June 2021
    Often in warehouses there is a need to simultaneously perform several tasks at once. Therefore, for the employees of this department, saving time is one of the main priorities in their work.
  • How are stackers different from reach trucks?

    18 June 2021
    Stackers and Reach trucks are integral special equipment for wholesale depots, warehouse complexes, logistics centers, production workshops. In terms of their set of functions, these devices are not inferior to a loader, but they are lighter and cheaper to operate.
  • How to choose the right pallet truck

    27 May 2021
    To optimize the workflow in any logistics complex, to simplify unloading, loading, moving and transportation of various goods, to maintain order in the warehouse, a pallet truck is used
  • Wheels with rubber tires. Features of choice

    18 May 2021
    In order for warehouse equipment to have characteristics that allow you to comfortably and productively use various equipment and tools for the set purposes, it must be equipped with high-quality and wear-resistant wheels.
  • How to choose the right rollers for rockla

    5 May 2021
    The correct operation of mobile equipment ensures the efficiency of production processes in any commercial or warehouse space. In the operation of hydraulic carts, the main load is on the wheels, therefore rollers for the rocker are actually consumables.
  • Technical characteristics and operating principle of the rocker, hydraulic trolley

    4 May 2021
    A pallet truck, or rocker, is a separate type of mobile equipment used to transport goods placed on pallets. This equipment is widely used in warehouses and commercial premises, providing maximum efficiency when receiving and shipping various goods.
  • Choosing heat-resistant wheels

    3 May 2021
    Refractory or heat-resistant wheels for warehouse trolleys are a separate group of rollers that can be found on mobile equipment in industrial refrigeration systems, pastry shops, drying plants and rotary ovens. Such products are manufactured using a special technology and are designed for intensive use in harsh extreme conditions.
  • Features, benefits and recommendations for choosing pneumatic wheels

    26 March 2021
    The demand for pneumatic wheels is growing every year, the demand is explained by their high performance and reasonable price, as well as a wide range of applications.
  • Choice of wheels for the trash can: from A to Z

    19 March 2021
    The process of recycling waste and unnecessary things is impossible without trash containers. The use of this cleaning equipment assumes its constant movement, which over time is reflected in the condition of the wheels.
  • How to choose the right heat-resistant wheel

    12 March 2021

    For work in high-temperature environments, warehouse trucks and trolleys are equipped with fire-resistant supports. Heat-resistant wheels are indispensable in the bakery industry, drying chambers, confectionery shops, they are installed on equipment for ovens, etc.

  • Two-wheeled hand trolley and main areas of application

    5 March 2021
    The two-wheeled hand trolley is able to act as an excellent assistant for moving not too heavy small-sized loads over short distances. Depending on the design features, such devices are widely used in various fields of human activity
  • Two-wheeled folding trolley and main applications

    3 March 2021
    Due to its ease of use and versatile performance, the foldable two-wheeled cart has found wide application in the movement of various loads. Depending on the size and other design features
  • Transport trolleys, design features

    1 March 2021
    The transport trolley has found wide application in the movement of building materials and prefabricated products, finished products and other weights over short distances.
  • Plastic transport trolleys for boxes

    8 February 2021
    Plastic container transport trolley is designed to transport equipment, tools, goods and other goods over relatively short distances. They are usually used in shops, supermarkets, warehouses, manufacturing and industrial facilities
  • Platform trolleys with sidewalls: scope and variety of models

    5 January 2021
    Platform trolleys are versatile devices that can have one or several tiers. The former are used to move large loads, the latter are used to transport many small and light items. In order to maximize the service life, both mesh and tubular structures are coated with weatherproof, anti-corrosion, and polymer-powder coatings.
  • Pallet trucks: warehouse equipment for use in aggressive environments

    2 January 2021
    The production activities of many companies are often associated with the impact of adverse factors. In the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, special equipment is used, for example, a hydraulic carriage for working in an aggressive environment. They are made of stainless steel.
  • С Новым 2021 Годом!

    28 December 2020
  • Hydraulic hand stacker - combination of reliability and functionality

    18 December 2020
    The hydraulic hand stacker is a special technique for working in warehouse complexes. The main purpose is to lift and move loads. These devices are suitable for solving a wide range of loading and unloading tasks, save time for these operations, and make all processes more efficient.
  • Two-wheeled carts, main types

    10 December 2020
    A two-wheeled trolley is a subspecies of commercial and warehouse equipment for transporting various goods. The simple design consists of a metal frame, two wheels and a stand on which containers or individual items are placed. The upper part of the base goes into a handle for operating the transport device during transport.
  • Trolleys platform - a universal solution for any cargo

    15 November 2020
    The platform trolley is a warehouse equipment for transporting goods. Its reliability is primarily due to its simple design. The trolley consists of a metal frame on 4 wheels, 2 of which are usually steerable, flooring and handles. Such transport devices are produced in several modifications, which makes them practical and convenient for use in certain conditions.
  • Wheels for trolleys and their main types

    5 November 2020
    For its normal operation, warehouse equipment requires equipment with wheels. They are produced in a wide variety of types, differ in purpose, materials and design. To understand how to choose wheels for a trolley, let's look at the differences and main features of different models.
  • Wheels for trolleys: main types and purpose

    25 October 2020
    The trolley wheel is an indispensable structural element, without which the operation of the transport device will be impossible. Such products are produced in a wide range of models and differ primarily in design. Let's figure out which characteristics are the main ones.
  • Stackers, purpose, types and features

    15 October 2020
    A stacker is a specialized device that is used to transport, lift, remove and install various types of cargo. Usually this vehicle is used on the territory of a warehouse, but it is allowed to operate on a construction site, in shops, etc. With this technique, you can stack palletized goods in stacks or set them on racks in several tiers, as well as remove them and transport them to a given place.
  • Hydraulic carts, types and features

    12 October 2020

    The hydraulic trolley is a mechanical storage equipment that is designed to transport pallets and transport goods over short distances.

  • Plastic transport trolleys

    12 October 2020

    The plastic trolley is designed to move boxes and containers around a warehouse or store, as well as to collect and form an order according to created invoices.

  • Semi-electric stacker, design and application advantages

    12 October 2020
    A stacker is a type of warehouse equipment that is designed to move, raise and lower loads.
  • Wheels for wheelbarrows and trolleys, design and application features

    12 October 2020
    Industrial wheels are a component of warehouse equipment. They are installed on stackers, carts, wheelbarrows and other equipment. It is they who bear the main load during the transportation of goods, so they must be strong and resistant to mechanical stress.
  • Two-wheeled carts, main types, design features

    12 October 2020
    A two-wheeled trolley is a kind of trade and warehouse equipment that is used to transport goods weighing up to 100-200 kg over short distances.
  • Stackers: advantages and features

    12 October 2020
    The stacker is a warehouse equipment that is used for lifting, storing and transporting whole loads.
  • Platform trolleys - a universal solution for any cargo

    12 October 2020
    The platform trolley is a versatile storage equipment that is used to transport goods. It is used in workshops, factories, shops, trade and industrial warehouses.
  • Folding platform trolley and main applications

    10 October 2020
    In any warehouse, a platform trolley is a must. These devices are also used in shops, industrial premises, medical institutions, that is, wherever it is necessary to transport a bulky cargo. For movement, a handle made of a hollow tube, reinforced with transverse inserts, is used.
  • Hardware wheels: main series and their features

    24 February 2020
    Hardware wheels are widely used in manufacturing. They are used to equip furniture, carts, trade and exhibition equipment. They are made of an iron base (steel) and a rubberized roller.
  • Scaffolding: design features and the choice of wheels for equipment

    24 February 2020
    Construction work, assembly operations at height is impossible without special equipment - scaffolding. They are a prefabricated structure consisting of different elements: wood and metal. Additionally, these structures are often equipped with wheels to facilitate their movement around the facility.
  • Sealing technology

    28 January 2020
    The role of seals in everyday life and industry should not be underestimated. They are used in communications, in the production of bakery equipment, freezers, in the business of selling windows and doors. On the Internet there is a lot of information about the application, but there is practically no data on the manufacturing technologies of the mentioned parts. Let's fix the situation.
  • Why are tires with a rubber tread good? Description of varieties

    28 January 2020
    User comfort during trolley operation depends on the wheels. They must be reliable, wear resistant and versatile, that is, they must ride normally on any floor covering. The best option, which has these features, is wheels and rollers with a rubber contact layer. In their production, our company uses raw materials of black and blue colors.
  • Selection Criteria and Scope of Application of Wheels for Waste Containers of Solid Waste

    28 January 2020
    One of the main structural elements of any waste container are wheels, which ensure its maneuverability and ease of use. As a rule, the tank is equipped with four swivel supports. To increase stability and improve the stability of the structure on inclined surfaces. Such supports perform their functions in difficult conditions and are subject to high static loads, therefore special requirements are always imposed on their quality.
  • How to choose the right wheel support and calculate its carrying capacity

    5 December 2019
    The mobility and maneuverability of movable furniture, as well as commercial, culinary and medical equipment, depends on the properties of the wheels and rollers used to move it.
  • What to look for when choosing wheels for carpet

    5 December 2019
    Carpet is one of the most common types of flooring. The versatility and practicality of this decorative element allows you to use it not only in residential premises
  • What are heat-resistant wheels for and the benefits of using them

    5 December 2019
    In the food, chemical and other industries, where the main production processes are carried out at high temperatures
  • Wheels for bakery equipment are an important part of an efficient business

    5 December 2019
    The technology for baking bakery products in bakeries, bakeries or confectioneries requires the use of dozens of items of special equipment.
  • Features of PVC hardware wheels to consider when choosing equipment

    5 December 2019
    Hardware wheels and casters are designed for mobile structures used indoors.
  • What is grooved rubber and what are the benefits of using it

    5 December 2019
  • How the choice of wheels for pallet trucks affects the efficiency of the truck.

    5 December 2019
    Hydraulic carts (rohly) are equipment for moving goods, which is key for building the logistics of warehouses and shopping malls.
  • Which conveyor rollers are better to choose for stable conveyor operation?

    5 December 2019
    Conveyor lines are used in food and light industries, as well as in factories and factories producing electronic goods, household appliances, medicines and cars.
  • Different types of rolling bearings and their importance for modern industry

    5 December 2019
    Various types of bearings are widely used in all branches of industrial production. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a mechanism used for commercial purposes or in the household
  • Why do medical devices need special wheels?

    5 December 2019
    Laboratory racks, gurneys and patient chairs, outpatient beds, ambulance trolleys, infusion racks and other structures are driven by caster wheels specially designed for healthcare facilities.
  • We make a garden wheelbarrow with our own hands: options for functional and decorative models

    9 August 2019
  • Equipping your wheeled carts: what you need to know

    8 August 2019
  • Types of wheel bearings and their differences

    4 August 2019
    Carts are an irreplaceable attribute of utility services. They are usually not noticed in everyday life, but without such devices, moving the load would turn into a big problem. For this reason, the condition of their nodes must be carefully monitored.
  • Choosing a durable shopping cart on wheels

    3 August 2019
    Many Ukrainian women do hard work every day that takes up energy, time and health. What a grocery shopping trip worth! We have to pull heavy bags to a stop or parking.
  • Selection of carts for the warehouse. Features and varieties

    3 August 2019
  • Areas of application for profiles and other silicone products

    5 June 2019
    Silicone is a popular material that is used for the manufacture of various products used in construction, cooking, etc.
  • Features and recommendations for choosing a garden wheelbarrow

    3 June 2019
    The garden cart is a necessary thing in the household. With its help, you can quickly remove garbage from the site, transport inventory, etc. The wheelbarrow allows you to easily move the load from point A to point B. However, not all structures are reliable, wear-resistant and durable.
  • Everything you need to know before buying a pallet truck

    28 May 2019
    Pallet jacks are lifting equipment used to move and store products in production areas. They differ from analogs in design and functions.
  • "Queen of the Kitchen" or Rotary Oven as a versatile piece of equipment for any bakery

    25 May 2019
  • Construction tower tour: what is good and how to choose the right one

    21 May 2019
  • 2019 at once with the Frigate!

    27 December 2018
    From the broad heart of the vitaєmo to the advancing New Rock and Rizdv Khristov! Bazhaєmo fired up and productive robot!
  • Test news

    27 December 2018
  • The Fregat company took part in the IFFIP exhibition

    19 June 2018
  • Fregat is 25 years old!

    18 June 2018
  • Happy New Year 2018!

    29 December 2017
  • 50mm 60 series hardware casters promotion!

    31 August 2017
    Promotional prices for hardware rollers with a diameter of 50 mm
  • Double brackets for heavy loads arrived in stock

    16 August 2017
    For particularly difficult operating conditions
  • Promotion for wheels made of polyurethane foam 83 series!

    7 August 2017
  • Sealing cords and valve products for tires

    3 February 2017
  • Happy New Year 2017!

    27 December 2016
  • Roller conveyors and elements

    13 December 2016
  • Polyamide-polyurethane 150 mm in series 42

    17 February 2016
  • Wheels and rollers TM Fregat for hydraulic carts

    12 February 2016
  • New: TM Fregat cast iron-polyurethane!

    23 March 2015
  • Promotion for hardware rollers 50-75 mm

    10 December 2014
    We inform you about a temporary decrease in prices for some items of wheels and casters, hurry up to buy! The promotion will be valid for a limited time.
  • Promotional sale completed.

    12 November 2014
  • Site update

    14 May 2014
    update, website, frigate, wheel order, online
  • A novelty in the TM Fregat assortment: SERIES 33 - wheels made of polyamide reinforced with fibergla

    2 September 2013
    New! Series 33: wheels made of reinforced polyamide 6 (black). Firm "Fregat": European quality, impeccable service, delivery across Ukraine.