Two-wheel trolley - a convenient and practical warehouse technology

Functional and practical two-wheeled carts: type of design and selection criteria

To move certain goods (bags, barrels, water bottles, gas equipment, oxygen and acetylene cylinders) inside the premises, a specific trolley is used - a two-wheeled model. In addition, it can be used to transport ordinary boxes, oversized items. The equipment of this warehouse type is a functional design that combines a number of advantages: good lifting capacity, ease and convenience in operation.

Design features

Two-wheeled cargo trolley is a kind of trade and warehouse equipment. Structurally, the equipment consists of:

  • sturdy metal frame. It bears the main load, so it is made of high-quality steel. The treatment of the metal surface of the product with a protective composition allows to improve its operational (corrosion resistance, temperature drop, exposure to moisture and aggressive substances) and aesthetic properties. The upper part of the frame smoothly goes into the handle, with the help of which the warehouse equipment is controlled during the movement of goods;
  • two wheels. They are designed for intensive use and high loads. Wheels are presented in a wide range of modifications, which can be found by clicking on the link The advantage of supports is maintainability. If the wheels are out of order, they can be repaired by purchasing the necessary parts;
  • a functional stand on which individual items, packaged products or containers are installed. Due to the presence of this structural element, the two-wheeled carriage in its configuration resembles an inverted letter "G". The stand is securely attached to the frame at a 90 degree angle.

The two-wheeled hand trolley is a versatile technique. It can be used in warehouse, industrial and production environments: in workshops, car service centers, factories, factories, mills, trade facilities (markets). This model is suitable for transportation of goods over short distances.

mportant! The two-wheeled cart is not suitable for transporting bulk materials. To move such products, it is necessary to pack them in boxes for more convenient and safe transportation.

What are the types of two-wheeled carts

Depending on the technical characteristics, such models are distinguished:

  • standard design. This is a classic version, made in the form of the letter "G". Its carrying capacity does not exceed 200 kg;
  • lightweight design. As a rule, such a model is equipped with a folding-type lattice platform. It is not designed to carry heavy loads;
  • reinforced construction. A distinctive feature is a high-strength frame. The trolley is equipped with wide wheels, since it is designed to move loads weighing up to 250 kg;
  • special design. This model is designed for the transportation of specific cargo (hot, wet). The design can be supplemented with special devices that provide it with the ability to move in difficult conditions, for example, up stairs.

Trolley with 2 wheels - universal equipment. It can be used not only indoors, but also outdoors.

How to choose the best warehouse equipment model

The trolley for 2 wheels is presented in a wide range of modifications, therefore, before ordering warehouse equipment, you need to pay attention to:

  • lifting capacity of the device. A distinction is made between standard trolleys and reinforced frame trolleys. They are used to transport goods over short distances, the weight of which does not exceed 200 kg;
  • platform type. Use a lattice and solid version. The latter can have flooring made of rubber, plywood or other materials. Lattice platforms are used to transport bulky goods. At the same time, the structure looks outwardly lighter, without losing the rigidity indicators that bogies equipped with a solid platform have. There are also models without it. These are the so-called bochkats. To fix the load in the design of such a model, the presence of special hooks is provided;
  • platform design - folding or stationary design. The advantage of the folding model is its practicality, since there is the possibility of transforming it into a more compact design, so that you do not need to allocate a lot of space for storing equipment. The fixed platform trolley is more reliable;
  • handle type. The most popular option is standard trolleys. At the same time, there are models of the Eurobarmen type on sale, the design of which provides for the presence of two separate handles with rubber pads.

Attention! The type of wheels is of no small importance when choosing a trolley. Maneuverability, functionality, carrying capacity, simplicity and ease of use of the equipment depend on this characteristic.

Wheels are selected depending on the operating conditions of the product. The criteria for their selection - the material of manufacture (rubber, poly