How to choose a garden wheelbarrow, for what work to use it

When transporting garbage, fertilizers, earth, other items used in the garden and vegetable garden, a special wheelbarrow is required. This handy accessory will allow you to work on the site faster and easier, relieve stress on your arms and shoulders. It is also useful for construction in a country house or private household, when planting trees, bushes. When you need a garden wheelbarrow, how to choose is of interest to every future owner.

Such inventory is different from construction. First of all, the difference in the number of wheels. Most garden models have only one (not always), but the one used at the construction site has two or more. Miscellaneous and materials used for bodywork. Garden carts must be resistant to moisture, because they often have to work in the rain. Because they are galvanized steel or aluminum.

What are the varieties

Before buying inventory, you should understand the assortment. Unlike construction, a garden wheelbarrow is inexpensive and has a relatively small carrying capacity. It is not designed for very heavy items and materials, but will do just fine for most jobs on the site. Designed to carry a maximum of 60-80 liters at a time. Compact, has a flexible body.

How many wheels

Most garden carts only have one. They are nimble and fast, comfortable for driving over bumps. They are easier to manage in narrow aisles. To unload, you just need to lift the handles of the structure and tilt it in the right direction.

Important! It should be borne in mind that such models do not balance well and do not drive very well on wet ground.

Two-wheeled carts are more often used in construction, although they are also bought for the garden. They are stable, easy to move, while the worker almost does not feel the weight of the load. The design has an axle that acts as a stiffener and increases the load capacity. But options with two wheels are not as maneuverable as with one. In a limited space with them will not be easy.

Body shape and material

It happens:

  • in the form of a trapezoid with a small bottom and a wide top;
  • in the form of a rectangle;
  • with an oval bottom.

The best material is galvanized steel. Aluminum wheelbarrows are also good, they withstand moisture well, do not deteriorate from rain or when transporting wet soil. Many people like light plastic ones. But they are short-lived and break very quickly.

What characteristics are important

The garden wheelbarrow looks simple and it seems that any of the existing models will be suitable for any purpose. But it is not so. To understand which garden wheelbarrow is better to choose, it is worth analyzing the main purchase criteria.

Capacity and load capacity

The first is the volume of the product. This is the maximum amount of materials placed in it and transported at a time. Volume is measured in liters. Models with a capacity from 60 to 130 liters are produced. True, this value is conditional, since it does not take into account the amount of other cargo, for example, seedlings or branches.

Load capacity is the maximum weight that the trolley can support. It is better to buy a design with average performance, from 60 to 120 kg. If you take more, then the car will turn out to be heavily loaded. It won't be easy to manage.

What are the wheels

The simplest and lightest are models with one wheel. They maneuver well between the beds, drive along uneven and winding paths. But one-wheeled structures do not drive well on dug ground. If you plan to work on the ground, it is better to take a two- or even four-wheeled version.

Multi-wheeled models are stable on loose surfaces, but are inferior in maneuverability to single-wheeled ones. It is easier to understand which type is better if you estimate the width of the tracks, the number of turns in the section and how steep they are. If you are wondering how to choose wheels that can overcome any obstacles, you need to pay attention to the diameter. The larger it is, the better the driving characteristics of the car.

Pneumatic wheels on metal rims are very popular. They are equipped with bearings and easily pass anywhere. Pneumatic wheels need periodic maintenance, in particular, lubrication.

Dimensions, handles

Before buying, be sure to check the dimensions - height, width. The cart should easily pass through the gates, gates, barn doors, while driving, do not go beyond the track. Models are made with one longitudinal or two parallel handles. Each user decides for himself which type is more convenient for him. The maximum load on themselves is taken by two parallel ones.

Important! The handles should be long enough so that after working in the garden or in the garden, a person does not feel pain in the neck and back. It is good if they have rubberized or plastic-coated ends. These are more convenient to take.

What else to consider when buying

To choose the right garden wheelbarrow, you need to be guided by the size of the site:

  • small, up to 10 acres, with narrow beds and processed only in the season, a model with one wheel of 80 liters is suitable. You can choose from both aluminum and plastic. If the elderly will work with her, it is better that she is not heavier than 10 kg;
  • average up to 25 acres, you need a stronger and more spacious option. One wheel is enough, but it is better to take a 110 l cart, always with stops and an aluminum body. Such carts weigh about 15 kg, so it will be easier for young or middle-aged people to work with them;
  • large up to 0.5 ha. On such sites they build baths, pools, make wide beds. Here it is important to transport a large amount of material at a time. Therefore, the best wheelbarrow for such purposes is a 110-liter construction vehicle with two pneumatic wheels;
  • very large, over 0.5 hectares. On such a huge area, you will need a professional construction trolley up to 250 liters with two wheels. Optimum model with stainless steel body.

You can view and choose the right product here 

What work is being done

Even the most simple, compact and light garden wheelbarrow will be indispensable in any area. With its help bulk fertilizers, bulbs and saplings of plants are transported. It is impossible to do without it during the harvest. Such garden tools are suitable for transporting excavated potatoes, beets, carrots, onions, and other vegetables.

If you grow melons and gourds, you must definitely purchase a cart. She will help when it comes time to transport huge pumpkins, melons and watermelons. Thanks to its light weight and durable frame, even a woman can easily handle it.