Features of operation of trolleys for gas cylinders

In household and agriculture, industry, construction, production, a trolley for a gas cylinder is in demand. This is a product specially designed for the transport of cylindrical containers. The model on manual control, consists of a vertical frame, a platform for cargo and wheels located on the axle. Designed for one or two cylinders.

Manufacturers install handles on the frame for ease of movement, reinforce the structure with arched stiffeners. It is impossible to do without such a wheelbarrow in different conditions, because gas is widely in demand for heating, cooking, and other purposes at production sites and enterprises. With the help of a trolley, it is easier to transport massive equipment without much physical effort.

Key Benefits

Great care must be taken when transporting gas cylinders. This is a dangerous cargo, heavy, differing in specific dimensions. Carrying it in your hands even for a short distance is not only inconvenient, but also unsafe.

Important! Gas containers must not be shaken during transport. It is important to protect them from any mechanical influences, since any of these factors can provoke an explosion.

The hand truck is versatile and not only suitable for gas. With its help, oxygen cylinders are also transported. The main advantages of the product include:

  • simplicity of design. The basis is a frame in the form of a metal frame;
  • convenience. No effort is needed to transport a heavy cylinder on a wheelbarrow, one person can easily handle the product;
  • strength. The barrel or cylinder is located at an angle of 45 degrees, firmly and securely fixed on the trolley;
  • mobility. The design is light, it will not be difficult to maneuver with it in a narrow corridor, between racks, to drive through passages;
  • security. The equipment is attached with a chain, therefore it does not move or fall.

The device is compact in size. To save space in the warehouse, it can be placed on top of another. With constant use, it is allowed to store cylinders directly on the wheelbarrow.

What are the varieties

Manufacturers offer several types of carts. So, you can choose suitable for specific purposes, based on the characteristics of production.

By number of cylinders

Allocate models for the transportation of one or two containers. The former are produced in a wider range and are used more often. They are in demand when transporting gas, oxygen, acetylene, carbon dioxide and other substances supplied in cylinders. The design of such a trolley is reliable and simple. The axis is reinforced, a galvanized chain is used for fastening. Pneumatic and cast wheels with a diameter of 250 mm are added to the package for convenient travel on different surfaces.

Trolleys for two cylinders are less common. They are also reliable, comfortable and equipped with a strong chain for securing the load. These models are fully welded constructions with high quality rubber wheels and metal rims. Includes three wheels, two larger and one smaller for better stability and balance.

Interesting! An additional wheel in the design is necessary for better maneuverability. Since the weight of the trolley is more for two containers than for one, it will be difficult to transport it without auxiliary devices.

By Application

In everyday life, carts for one cylinder are usually used. These are models designed for a thick tank, for example, with propane, or a thin, high one. The latter are used for oxygen, acetylene, they are also delivered to children's entertainment facilities, where balloons need to be inflated.

Designs for two cylinders are industrial. With their help, both thick, low and tall, thin containers are transported. Since they are most often used in welding, double wheelbarrows are also called welding stations. This is because they are suitable for transporting not only cylinders, but also auxiliary equipment such as burners, a hose.

By appointment

The purpose of the application is determined by the type of frame. Depending on this, hand wheelbarrows are designed:

  • for oxygen. These are specialized models that are in demand in diving centers and in industrial production. Are issued both for one, and two cylinders;
  • for gas. Propane or other gas is transported on such structures, as a rule, for the needs of emergency rescue teams, maintenance services;
  • for oxygen and gas. Such products are called combined.

The operation of the containers determines the choice of a suitable trolley. They come with wheels for normal, even flooring or stair or street riding.

Technical specifications

You can view the existing options and select the appropriate device at the link https://www.fregat.com.ua/katalog/. An important parameter, regardless of the purpose, is the carrying capacity. If the wheelbarrow is designed for one cylinder, then it can carry a maximum of 150 kg at a time, if for two - up to 250 kg. The conventional gas cargo structure is not suitable, as it is designed to transport no more than 70 kg at a time.

The second significant indicator is the dimensions. Double options reach 170 mm in height and 650 in width. Any design weighs a little. Even designed for two cylinders, it is usually not heavier than 25 kg. The diameter of the wheels is also important, the convenience during transportation depends on it. The main ones are 25-30 cm. In doubles, for better maneuverability, there is another third by 35 cm.

How to use

The application of the trolley is a simple process, it does not require any special actions. It is very important to follow the rules of safe transportation.

Important! Gas cylinders are explosive, so they should not be kept near open flames.

The design is designed to transport containers at an angle. This method of transportation removes unnecessary stress from the hands and shoulders of the worker. It also provides safe movement without prohibited unnecessary shaking, knocking. The diameter and material of the wheels are specially thought out for a comfortable ride on different surfaces.

After installing the cylinder on the trolley, it is enough to fix it with a stainless galvanized chain. It will provide a secure fixation, so that the container will not move. The platform does not bend under its weight. It is enough to deliver gas or oxygen to where you need it.