9 January
24 January

Safety when using platform trolleys

The platform trolley is included in the list of the most demanded means of mechanization for warehouses and shops, as well as many production workshops, providing a comfortable movement of various goods (both finished products and components) within small areas. This technique is convenient and easy to use, has compact dimensions and high levels of maneuverability, and the existing list of modifications allows you to make the best choice for any enterprise: from shops to construction sites and factories.

It should be noted that the operation of such carts is associated with the need to comply with certain rules and safety standards, which are regulated by special regulatory documents. After the purchase, such equipment must be assigned an inventory number. Then it is assigned to a responsible person who is obliged to monitor the technical condition of the cart, determine the timing of its maintenance and the need for repair, and also conduct regular inspections for serviceability and defects.

Basic moments

Before working on a platform carriage for pallets or other loads, it is necessary to check:

  • its controllability and compliance of the design with the type of product to be transported;
  • the presence of an inventory number and an inscription indicating its carrying capacity on the body elements of equipment;
  • the presence of warning paint on protruding structural elements;
  • completeness of equipment (availability of devices to prevent the likelihood of a load falling, wheel blocking elements, etc.).

Attention! Before purchasing a platform trolley for a warehouse, it is necessary to determine the features of its operation, including the type of surface on which the equipment will move. The optimal type of wheels for the equipment largely depends on this.

In addition, the person responsible for the technical condition of the means of mechanization is obliged to periodically carry out a number of additional measures. Among them:

  1. Inspection of the cart wheels. They must be complete, free from defects in the outer shell, and also rotate freely.
  2. Checking the condition of the handles for moving the platform. Their strength and structural integrity are checked.

In the event that the enterprise uses a folding platform trolley, then all structural elements intended for its transformation must be periodically lubricated for free movement. In the presence of equipment of a hydraulic type, its moving elements are regularly inspected for reliable fixation of the loading platform at the desired height.

Additional requirements

Safety precautions during the operation of platform trolleys have a number of additional points related to their storage and maintenance. So, the entrance to the premises in which the equipment is located between the cycles of its use should not have protrusions and thresholds. In this case, the gates to such a building can only open outward.

In addition, the head of the company is obliged to provide all conditions for the regular technical inspection and maintenance of platform trolleys within the time limits established by regulatory enactments. If defects are found, the equipment is taken out of service. Its further use is possible only after completion of repair work.