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Ірина 4. 3. 2021
Доброго дня!!! Мене цікавлять оптові ціни на колеса на тачку і покришки. А також умови співпраці. Дякую
The series 82Pneumatic wheels
Pneumatic tyre with a camera on the rim.

Шина 4,00-8

Item code:4,00-8 шина
Stock: Much a lot
18.05.2021 07:25:53
Price : for 1 pc 153.25 UAH
Price : from 106.79 UAH

(if order from 100 pcs, incl. VAT)

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For poor quality asphalt and pavement, outdoor uses
For agriculture
For sale in your store or supermarket
News 4
Wheels for the ground.
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