Wholesale Offer

The FREGAT company was founded in 1993, and since 2002 has been successfully operating in the market of industrial wheels and rollers. Today, our company is the official and exclusive dealer of one of the leading suppliers of wheels and conveyor wheels from Torwegge GmbH (Germany) and the Italian manufacturer of wheels and rollers - O.M.O. RoCarr, as well as we carry out direct deliveries of products from manufacturers in the Asian region. Recently, our company has mastered the production of specialized wheels and other products under its own brand name FREGAT ™. Our products comply with international and Ukrainian standards of quality, standardization and certification, and most importantly - are monitored and selected in accordance with the requests of our regular customers. Deliveries of products are carried out 1-2 times a month, the delivery time of products on order is no more than 2-3 weeks. A regularly replenished and expandable central warehouse allows you to quickly respond to emerging demand. In addition, there is always the possibility of supplying: specialized rubber goods, tires for loaders, tires, stacker drive wheels, and it is also possible to repair polyurethane and rubber rolling surfaces.


All these areas of development allow us to occupy a significant market share of industrial wheels.


Understanding that you are working with many consumers of warehouse equipment, we are in a hurry to notify you that we are ready to be your main or spare supplier of industrial wheels and casters of the trademarks Torwegge ™ (Germany) and FREGAT™ (Ukraine).


As the main supplier, we will provide you with excellent support:
Constant, transparent and competitive price offer;
High quality and product specifications;
Training and advice on technical issues;
The full attention of the personal manager;
Prompt and compulsory dispatch of goods on the day of order to your address or client's address using the services Night Express or New Mail, at our expense;
Providing advertising printed products;
Price assistance when participating in tenders;
Prompt response in the event of customer complaints;
Convenient ordering system.

Having become a spare supplier of industrial wheels for your company, we are always ready to help if your main supplier of industrial wheels is unable to meet emerging needs. Cooperation with us as an equal supplier will provide you with:

Expansion and flexibility of your assortment offer;
Guaranteed satisfaction of your customers' requests;
An opportunity to offer the client more favorable prices, or to ensure that excess profit is received;
Availability of a backup option with a lack of quantity;
Diversification of risks in a changing climate of domestic realities;
Convenient ordering system.

You can evaluate our assortment in the Catalog section. In case of your interest, we are ready to give you access to the product ordering system, where you can evaluate our price offer.


We invite you to cooperation!