Silicone seals

The use of silicone seals

Products made from this material are popular due to their excellent technical characteristics and properties. The scope is quite extensive. Silicone seals are used in such diverse areas as medicine, communications, electrical engineering and much more. These products are used:

- as a substrate for thermal knives in packaging equipment;
- for sealing freezers;
- in baking ovens, smoking cabinets;
- for insulation of electrical installation wires;
- as a seal for doors, windows and windows in machine manufacturing.

Products made of heat-resistant modern material have high strength and are not subject to deformation. Devices have a long service life without changing the original properties. We offer silicone plates, seals and profiles with a quality guarantee and provide a certificate for any product.


Features of sealants from TM "FREGAT"

It is possible to purchase inexpensive products of any desired form from us, as well as order the manufacture of non-standard elements. Directory profiles presented on the site. Our product is used in the production of various equipment of the food industry, as it is environmentally friendly. In medicine, a silicone sealing profile is used in the sterilization of instruments and other things, as well as for the manufacture of corks.

Silicone rubber plates and other products do not lose their properties at extreme temperatures from -50 to +250 ° C, fully fulfilling their purpose. These elements can be porous or monolithic and are excellent for sealing fixed joints. Heat-resistant silicone plates are also used as flooring or dielectric.


Our advantages

The company "FREGAT" conducts its business since 1993. Every year we expand, increasing production and developing new areas of activity. We create a lot ourselves, including: silicone plates and other products from food rubber, but at the same time we are a dealer of the largest European suppliers of profile equipment. The first in Ukraine catalog of industrial rollers and wheels was produced by our company. We guarantee the quality of any product and provide a high level of service. We are distinguished by the ability to modify any product that we produce on the site that we produce ourselves.


Shipping and payment

An order for a sealing profile, rubber plates is sent to the customer immediately. You can pick up goods at the pickup point in Kiev or from our warehouse in the Dnieper. Delivery of orders worth more than 2 000 UAH. to the warehouse of the carrier company in your city, we will pay for ourselves. For the convenience of our customers, several payment methods are installed. You can ask all the questions to the managers of the company at the phones indicated on the page.

   We bring to your attention the possibility of manufacturing plates, seals and profiles of any complexity from silicone rubber compounds.


  Deadline - from 3 to 10 days.

   The cost of the sealing profile is 150-320 UAH / m. (depending on configuration).

If necessary, a certificate is provided confirming the heat resistance (230-250 C) and the possibility of direct contact with food.



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