Restoration and coating of shafts, rollers and wheels with rubber or polyurethane.


Our company makes restoration of shafts and wheels coated with rubber or polyurethane.
Often shafts and wheels in which the main working surface is rubber or polyurethane and working in heavy (high temperatures, abrasive wear) wear precisely on rubber and polyurethane, and the metal base remains quite suitable for further operation.
In such cases, we can help you.

During the restoration process:

  • * the metal surface is cleaned of residues of rubber and polyurethane
    * sandblasted contact surface
    * prepared surface is coated with special glue
    * coating the metal core with rubber (of different hardness, mbs or tmksch) or polyurethane of different hardness
    * vulcanization of rubber or polymerization of polyurethane.

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