Goods and services
  • Spare parts for heavy trucks
    • For over 15 years, our company has been a supplier of spare parts for heavy-duty dump trucks, including BelAZ vehicles.
  • Silicone seals
    We bring to your attention the possibility of manufacturing plates, seals and profiles of any complexity from silicone rubber compounds.
  • Polyurethane coating
    Our company accepts for restoration shafts and wheels coated with rubber or polyurethane.
  • Roller conveyors and elements
    Rollers, Roller conveyors, Conveyor parts, Conveyor rollers, Roller guides, Strip rollers, Roller tires, Ball bearings, Omni-directional rollers, Brushes and rollers for glass processing
  • Sealing cords and valve products for tires
    Sealing cords (rings) are made from special grades of rubber and are installed on the rim of tubeless large tires both during the first installation and at each tire change (for example, from the front to the rear rims, or after repair).
  • 12.10.2020
    Hydraulic carts, types and features
    The hydraulic trolley is a mechanical storage equipment that is designed to transport pallets and transport goods over short distances.
  • 12.10.2020
    Plastic transport trolleys
    The plastic trolley is designed to move boxes and containers around a warehouse or store, as well as to collect and form an order according to created invoices.
  • 12.10.2020
    Semi-electric stacker, design and application advantages
    A stacker is a type of warehouse equipment that is designed to move, raise and lower loads.
  • 12.10.2020
    Wheels for wheelbarrows and trolleys, design and application features
    Industrial wheels are a component of warehouse equipment. They are installed on stackers, carts, wheelbarrows and other equipment. It is they who bear the main load during the transportation of goods, so they must be strong and resistant to mechanical stress.