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Вячеслав 24. 7. 2020
Хочу приобрести 20 штук по безналу. Находимся в Одессе. ТОВ "Люстдорф". *** ** ** **
The series 82Pneumatic wheels
Pneumatic tyre with a camera on the rim.

pneumatic wheels 82 3-00-4 РК

Item code:82 3-00-4 РК
Stock: Much a lot
01.03.2021 17:59:24
Price : for 1 pc 131.07 UAH
Price : from 119.84 UAH

(if order from 100 pcs, incl. VAT)

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For poor quality asphalt and pavement, outdoor uses
For agriculture
For sale in your store or supermarket
Wheel outside diameter:~260 mm
Width of the rolling surface:76 mm
Axle bore diameter:20 mm
Hub width:75 mm
Working temperature:-0°C   —   +40°C
Rim material:plastic mm
Rolling Surface Material:4 сл.
Bearing type:roller
Maximum load:60 kg
Net weight:1,07 kg
Manufacturer: China
Wheels for the ground.
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