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The series 42Red polyurethane / nylon (economy series)
Red polyurethane wheel.

swivel castor with top plate 42 20 080 ШИ (ball bear.)

Item code:42 20 080 ШИ (ball bear.)
Stock: Much a lot
20.05.2022 23:09:59
Price : for 1 pc 307.33 UAH
Price : from 264.56 UAH

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For high loads
For window productions
For furniture productions
Economy series
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Wheel outside diameter:
80 mm
Full height of the product:
100 mm
Full height of the product:
36 mm
Bracket Steel Thickness:
2 mm
The thickness of the steel of mounting plate:
3 mm
Outside size of mounting plate:
The distance between the mounting holes and their diameter:
95 Shore A
Working temperature:
-15°C   —   +80°C
Maximum load:
150 kg
Net weight:
0,81 kg
The rim of the wheel is made of white nylon, which forms an inseparable connection with the rolling surface through a chemical and geometric force. The polyurethane rolling surface has both high payload capacity and good elasticity, durability and low rolling resistance. Can be equipped with a sliding, roller, or ball bearing.
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