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The series 31Nylon reinforced (profi series)
High quality solid nylon wheels of white colour.

swivel castor with brake and top plate 31 30 080 ШТ

Item code:31 30 080 ШТ
Stock: A lot
19.01.2022 14:32:56
Price : for 1 pc 306.23 UAH
Price : from 261.42 UAH

(if order from 100 pcs, incl. VAT)

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For butchers and sausage production, for smoking cabinets
For low temperatures, freezers
For high loads
For warehouse and loading equipment
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Wheel outside diameter:
80 mm
Full height of the product:
103 mm
Full height of the product:
36 mm
Bracket Steel Thickness:
2 mm
The thickness of the steel of mounting plate:
3 mm
Outside size of mounting plate:
The distance between the mounting holes and their diameter:
78-80 Shore D
Working temperature:
-35°C   —   +90°C
Maximum load:
150 kg
Net weight:
1,064 kg
Resistant to abrasive wear and shock.
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