Bearing Types

The choice of bearing has a huge impact on the convenience and durability of the wheels.

Plain bearings


The simplest and cheapest is a plain bearing. It does not require frequent maintenance, except for lubrication in special wheels, is not sensitive to shock, and is resistant to corrosion if the wheel is made of plastic.

Our company recommends the use of sliding wheels in equipment with a low speed of movement over short distances.

It also makes sense to use in aggressive environments.


Roller bearings


The roller bearing consists of steel rollers fixed in a steel or plastic cage.

In the process of rotation of the bearing, only the rolling friction force, which is less than the sliding friction force, counteracts, so the value of the rolling resistance of the wheel with such a bearing remains small, even in case of significant loads.

Roller bearings are lubricated with long-life grease.


Ball bearings


The ball bearing is the most high-quality type of bearings, and at high load it has the most
easy running, and extremely low rolling resistance.

Such a bearing consists of hardened balls held in a cage.
For protection against dust, in wheels we use only sealed ball bearings.

Low-load plastic wheels are often equipped with one central ball bearing, which can significantly reduce rolling resistance.
Installation of stainless ball bearings is possible.