How to maintain a tubeless tire

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Currently, many industries use a large number of heavy duty vehicles with tubeless tires. In mining and processing plants (GOKs), quarries, metallurgical enterprises, road construction, many heavy-duty dump trucks, wheel loaders, graders and other equipment with large-sized (OHG) and extra-large-size (SKGSH) tubeless tires are operated.

OHGs and SHGs are expensive and the lifespan of these tires is of great importance to operators. Mounting, dismantling and repair of these tires is a laborious process that requires special equipment and a lot of time. Destruction and decommissioning of CGSH and SKGSH requires the immediate purchase of these expensive products.

One of the common causes for these tires to fail and go out of service is the loss of air pressure inside the tire. Of course, these are, first of all, punctures, cuts of the very surface of tires working in hard rock quarries.

However, there are several other factors that affect maintaining a stable pressure in a tubeless tire. These are sealing cords or O-rings (O-ring) that seal the base of the rim with a removable bead ring and valves (KG-85, KG-175, KG-240) with spools (V8-38) and extensions (UG-12, UG-17) screwed into the tubeless rim of the tire.

If the sealing cord lets air out of the inflated tire or the spool is damaged, which can also let air through, then the pressure in the tire drops, it becomes “softer”, its deflection and deformations in the lateral and shoulder areas increase. An increase in these deformations leads to a large heat generation in the tire and its destruction.

The company should always have a stock of sealing cords, as they need to be changed at each rewiring or installation after repair. Do not use sealing cords that have already sealed the rim and cords with defects.

Valves in tubeless tires can be damaged by the rock being mined, spools can lose their ability to hold air, and rubber hose extensions can kink and crack.

Drivers should check the tire pressure regularly, which will increase the life of the OHG and OHG.

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