Buying a pallet truck: questions to help you

Five questions, the answers to which will allow you to choose the optimal model of the pallet truck

The pallet trolley is a convenient unit designed to facilitate the work process and thus increase business productivity. Manufacturers produce a variety of designs that differ in functionality, size and features.

Attention! To simplify the choice of a product that is best adapted to the needs of the business, it is necessary to study the 5 issues that buyers most often face.

№1 - choose the type

Based on the functional features, there are the following types of equipment:

  • electric models. This is a dress equipped with a battery-powered engine. This design solution makes the design much more powerful compared to the mechanical model. The motorized traction system increases the possibility of the cart, allowing to carry the load over considerable distances, without requiring the use of additional effort from the user;
  • hand truck. Reliable model, designed to service the simplest operations. The mechanical design is ideal for moving loads over short distances. The hydraulic system is represented by a hand-operated pump;
  • platform. The design includes a platform equipped with a control system. The list of executed commands includes both control of the cart, and lifting of freight. The forklift has similar functionality.

When choosing a pallet truck, you need to learn what each type is called and how they differ from each other. This approach will allow you to choose the equipment that best meets the needs of the business.

№2 - dimensions of the structure

There are short and long pallet trucks. The standard design is equipped with forks of 1150 mm. This option is optimal for unloading narrow pallets. The compact dress easily passes to hard-to-reach places. In addition, this model is the most convenient for storage.

The trolley with long forks (from 1300 to 3000 mm) is used much less often. The model is designed to address specific needs, while the first option is more versatile.

When choosing the dimensions of the cart, first of all you need to consider the size of the pallets.

№3 - lifting height

The standard dress provides lifting of freight to the minimum height - no more than 20 cm from a surface. If this is not enough, then the best solution is to purchase a special cart with scissors. Due to the scissor lift, the high-lift model lifts the load to a height of up to 80 cm above the ground.

№4 — load capacity selection

Before buying a trolley, you need to determine not only the type of cargo transported, but also its weight. In most cases, the need to purchase a dress is associated with the need to move heavy objects. Designs with different tonnage are presented on the market. The loading capacity of carts varies from 1000 to 5000 kg.

To decide on the choice of a suitable model, it is necessary to find out the maximum weight that will have to be lifted during the work. This approach will allow you to choose the best option for the dress, without overpaying for the purchase of a more expensive product.

№5 — financial issue

The cost of trolleys depends on their type and nature of use. Prices for hydraulic structures start at $ 300. For this money the buyer will receive the simple device endowed with a basic set of functions. Advanced functionality will cost more. The upper limit for hydraulic models reaches $ 1,500.

Important! Sometimes it is more useful to pay a little extra and get a product that is best suited to solve the problem. This approach saves time and increases workflow efficiency. A striking example is a dress with scales, which allows you to immediately determine the weight of the cargo.

Prices for the electric trolley range from $ 2,500 to $ 5,000. The specific cost of the model depends on the following parameters:

  • fork lengths;
  • load capacity;
  • the height to which the load is lifted.
  • It is worth noting that the dress does not belong to the lifting mechanisms, which saves the owner from having to bear the cost of its maintenance.

Checking the health of the equipment and eliminating minor defects is the function of the operator. If necessary, it must replace the failed part. The greatest load in the course of work is experienced by basic elements. You can get acquainted with a wide range of wheels for industrial trolleys at the link 

Given the variety of trolleys with manual and electric drive, before buying a design, you should decide on the answers to 5 key questions. This will make it possible to choose the model that is optimal in terms of price and functional characteristics.