Two-wheeled trolley for a warehouse, shop, production. Overview and characteristics

What are the models of a two-wheeled cart used to move goods

A two-wheeled cart is a kind of warehouse equipment. It is designed to move various types of piece small-sized cargo (pallets, boxes, boxes, boxes, containers), which can be stacked on top of each other, over short distances. In addition, this model is suitable for transporting bottles, gas and oxygen cylinders, the weight of which does not exceed 250 kg. Warehouse equipment is used in workshops, hypermarkets and supermarkets, car services, production and construction sites, mills and factories, markets. The use of such equipment makes it possible to speed up the movement of goods, reduce the workload on workers, and increase the efficiency of their work.

What are the elements of a two-wheeled cart

Warehouse equipment of this type has a compact design, due to which it can easily maneuver between racks in confined spaces. It is based on a curved frame made of high-quality and durable steel, coated with an anti-corrosion protective compound. The design is designed for intensive operation and high loads, which is why increased requirements are imposed on the quality of its performance. If the trolley is to be used in high humidity conditions, then the model made of galvanized steel will be the best choice. This material is characterized by resistance to aggressive environmental factors (corrosion, temperature changes).

The trolley is equipped with functional wheels, which can be single or double. They are made from polypropylene or steel. For the production of tires, rubber or polymer compounds are used. At the same time, a distinction is made between wheels of a solid or inflatable structure. Which option should you give preference to? The choice is made based on the conditions of use of the trolley. You can get acquainted with the range of wheels for warehouse equipment by clicking on the link The catalog includes a large number of products presented in several designs and diameters. The advantage of wheels is maintainability. If their elements have exhausted their resource and are out of order, you can easily repair it by purchasing the necessary parts.
Another important structural element of the trolley is the working platform. It is a functional support made of sheet material, on which containers, packaged products or individual items are installed. The work platform is securely attached to the cart frame at a 90 degree angle. It is due to the presence of this structural element that the equipment in its configuration resembles an inverted letter "G".

The structure is operated using an ergonomic handle. For the operator's convenience, it is equipped with a rubberized pad. Depending on the design features, models are distinguished with a double or solid horizontal, connected to a frame, as well as with a folding and retractable handle.

Attention! The technology of moving boxes, bags, cylinders and other items on a two-wheeled cart differs from the method of using a four-wheeled one. The operator needs to bring the platform under the load and then tilt the structure towards himself at an angle of 45–70 degrees.

Popular two-wheeled cart models - overview and characteristics

There are several types of warehouse equipment. The two-wheeled cart is classified according to the following characteristics:

Construction type. A distinction is made between standard and special models. The latter are intended for the carriage of goods with specific characteristics (wet, hot). As a rule, a special purpose design is completed with additional devices that expand its functionality. So, in order to ensure the ability to move the equipment up the stairs, the two-wheeled cart has a special chassis design. Thanks to this solution, the technique moves up the steps.
Platform type. Two-wheeled carts with a stationary and folding support are produced. The first model is distinguished by more reliable performance and increased service life. The platform can be solid or lattice. The last option is characterized by a lightweight design, designed for the transportation of bulky goods over short distances. The lattice base is equipped with a flooring made of rubber, plywood or other materials. A two-wheel trolley with a folding platform is considered the most practical, since it can be transformed into a more compact design. Due to this feature, you do not need to allocate a lot of storage space.
Carrying capacity. There are several models of the two-wheeled cargo trolley: lightweight, standard and reinforced design. The first option is not designed to carry heavy boxes and containers. The lightweight model is usually equipped with a folding platform, and its load capacity does not exceed 120 kg. Classic standard models are used to transport goods weighing up to 200 kg. The reinforced model has a high-strength frame and improved equipment (wide wheels, etc.), which allows you to transport boxes and containers weighing up to 250 kg.
Attention! When choosing a trolley, you also need to pay attention to the height of the handle. The ease of use of the equipment depends on this parameter. The height of the handle is selected taking into account the type of load and the parameters of the operator who will work with it.