Selection Criteria for Mobile Scissor Lift Table

Selection Criteria for Mobile Scissor Lift Table

The scissor lift mobile table is a versatile technique that is actively used in many areas. Its application provides access to the load located at a height, and also allows you to lift and transport a variety of items.
Important! Hydraulic tables contribute to a rational organization of the work space. They are durable and ergonomic, allow you to quickly complete tasks and reduce employee fatigue.
The mobile scissor lift is an adjustable foot mounted on rods. The main function of the device is to provide a smooth lifting of the load. The hydraulic drive generates the force necessary to smoothly raise the platform, and the connecting beams provide stability to the structure, preventing lateral collapse.

Scope of application

The scissor table is designed to lift materials to a specific height. These features make it particularly useful for warehouse or manufacturing applications. At the same time, the device has found wide application in other areas of industry, including wood and metal processing, printing and maintenance of units.
The hydraulic system makes it easy to load boxes, materials and other bulky items into the truck. Its use minimizes the risk of damage to things, because the table is made of stainless steel that can withstand significant loads.
Often there is a need to move a heavy load within the same enterprise. If the object weighs a lot, then its transportation is possible only with the help of special equipment. The lifting mobile table is also used for solving other tasks:
• performance of loading and unloading;
• processing and assembly, taking place in several stages;
• movement of materials;
• positioning of cargo;
• work with non-standard parts (great length or weight).
The equipment is especially in demand in workshops.


The scissor lift has a simple design that anyone can master. The device consists of the following elements:
• platform made of stainless steel. Models of different sizes are on sale. Some units have an additional option - crush protection;
• a base consisting of a guide. It is supported by the floor;
• "scissors". These are adjustable supports that allow the platform to change the height;
• the hydraulic cylinder responsible for lifting the device. It operates from a foot pedal.
The design feature is the installation of a lifting mechanism under a table or platform. The use of hydraulic cylinders makes it possible to raise the load to the desired height. "Scissors" give stability to the equipment. Their number depends on the height of the lift.

Important criteria

The choice of a scissor lift is carried out based on the scope of use of the equipment. This parameter determines the carrying capacity of the device, its quality and the need for additional functions.
Attention! To find out how to select the optimal table design, you need to analyze the following criteria:
• mobility. If the device is used in a specific place, then this characteristic is not decisive. If the device is for construction service, then mobility will be an advantage;
• load level. This is the main parameter when choosing a scissor lift. Manufacturers produce models for lifting loads with different weights. The lifting capacity of the device depends on the size of the cylinders and the strength of the struts;
• height. There are tables with different types of mechanisms (single and double) on the market. When choosing a specific model, you need to proceed from the maximum height to which you want to lift the load. An additional parameter is the dimensions of the folded table. It should go through doors easily. If the device is used on an assembly line, then its height should ensure easy loading;
• dimensions of the platform. When choosing, you need to proceed from the parameters of the cargo.
The quality of the lift is of no small importance. The safety of the mechanism directly depends on this parameter.
Therefore, it is recommended to pay special attention to the following elements:
• bearings. The best option is roller or ball models. They compare favorably with plain bearings by the presence of a seal;
• the thickness of the material. If it is too thin, then the structure will not last long;
• sealing of cylinders. If budget materials were used in the manufacture, then sooner or later the user will encounter an oil leak;
• engine characteristics. If the load needs to be lifted to a considerable height, then a more powerful motor is required.
Careless handling, as well as frequent changes in the location of the device, do not have the best effect on the working qualities of the wheelbase. To avoid difficulties with the operation of the equipment, it is enough to order wheels for a mobile scissor lift table at