How to choose the right rollers for rockla

The correct operation of mobile equipment ensures the efficiency of production processes in any commercial or warehouse space. In the operation of hydraulic carts, the main load is on the wheels, therefore rollers for the rocker are actually consumables.

Selection criteria and features

The main factor that determines the service life is the material of manufacture of the products. Today, the most popular options are polyurethane and polyamide. Products from the first version are characterized by high strength and long service life. Such rollers are not subject to premature wear when the operating conditions are observed, and are also immune to ultraviolet radiation and corrosive substances.

Advantages of Polyurethane Trolley Load Rollers:

  • increased resistance to high loads, due to which the likelihood of deformation is minimized;
  • high quality of adhesion to the floor surface;
  • resistance of products to abrasion;
  • lack of noise when moving mobile equipment;
  • preservation of the quality of the flooring - polyurethane rollers do not leave marks;
  • ease of maintenance - for this it is enough to periodically clean the rollers from dirt, if necessary. The polyurethane wheel is a one-piece construction without a tire, so air pumping is also not required;
  • resistance to corrosion and mildly aggressive liquids;
  • minimal thermal conductivity and lack of electrical conductivity.

Any warehouse equipment must ensure the confident movement of goods in conditions typical for a particular production. Hydraulic carts must be easy to operate, so the first thing to do is to choose the right wheels.

The popularity of polyamide rollers is due to the following advantages:

  • lack of noise and the ability not to create vibrations during the transportation of goods;
  • neutrality towards various chemicals;
  • immunity to temperature extremes and extreme operating conditions - the wheels retain their qualities in the range from –40 to +80 ° С;
  • wear resistance.

The following types of rollers can be distinguished by the method of mounting the chassis:

  • fixed on a non-rotating platform;
  • equipped with a swivel mount with a center bolt hole;
  • equipped with a swivel mechanism;
  • two rollers located in pairs on the same axis;
  • sophisticated locking mechanism with limiter and parking brake.

Installation of assembled polyamide rollers is relevant in sales areas and premises where cleanliness is important. Such rollers are in great demand in the chemical industry, food and medical industries. To get acquainted with the characteristics of polyamide and polyurethane rollers and to place an order, follow the link

There are three types of brackets that the wheels are equipped with:

  • standard - made of pressed, chrome-plated and galvanized. The slewing mechanism is equipped with a double row ball bearing;
  • reinforced - made of thick-walled steel, necessarily galvanized. The amplifiers are equipped with sealed ball bearings with reinforced liners and hardened rolling elements;
  • stainless - not subject to corrosion.

Before choosing a suitable option, you need to calculate the carrying capacity of the rollers. This characteristic depends on the design of the device and the type of material, as well as the dimensions of the wheels.