How to choose the right heat-resistant wheel

Heat resistant wheels: how to choose the right model

For work in high-temperature environments, warehouse trucks and trolleys are equipped with fire-resistant supports. Heat-resistant wheels are indispensable in the bakery industry, drying chambers, confectionery shops, they are installed on equipment for ovens, etc.

Features and differences

Heat-resistant wheels are a fairly wide group. Depending on the features of operation, they can be used in the temperature range from -100 to +600 ˚C. Such supports are made of high-tech polymers, metal (cast iron, aluminum), phenolic resin. Accordingly, the cost of finished products depends on the materials used in the production.

The advantages of heat-resistant supports for trolleys and wheelbarrows include:

  • high carrying capacity. Depending on the model, it can be up to 300 kg;
  • low load (when using elements made of polymers and phenol). They can be installed on trolleys that are used in warehouses with self-leveling floors and other surfaces that are unstable to external mechanical factors;
  • maintainability. Even if the wheels are out of order, they can be repaired by purchasing the necessary parts;
  • resistance to aggressive influences. The functionality of heat-resistant products is not affected by special operating conditions. They can also be washed with aggressive products;
  • strength. Refractory products are resistant to deformation and mechanical damage.
  • Thanks to the above advantages and a long service life, the cost of the wheel bearings quickly pays off.

Therefore, the purchase of quality models is a profitable investment for those who do not skimp on quality.

Selection features

It's easy to get confused among the variety of trolley wheels. They have different sizes, they are made of different materials, rotary, etc.

To choose the right model, you need to take into account the following nuances:

  • features of production tasks;
  • Operating temperature range;
  • terms of Use;
  • aggressiveness of the influence of the external environment.
  • It is important to choose the right wheel stands, otherwise the cart could be damaged. Such situations often lead to unpleasant consequences: damage to the transported products, as well as harm to the operator.

In order not to be mistaken in the choice, the total weight of the equipment and cargo should be determined. The greater the impact, the more support is needed. This is because the load is unevenly distributed. Therefore, it is important to select the optimal wheel support models (with a suitable bearing capacity). It is important that their total carrying capacity exceeds the weight of the load and trolley by 30-100%.

Features of the external environment, including temperature parameters, directly affect the choice of wheel material. It is also worth focusing on the presence of heat-resistant grease.

Important! The harder the wheel surface, the easier it will roll on smooth and soft floors, and vice versa.

For concrete, asphalt, hard floors with obstacles (debris, bumps, thresholds), large heat-resistant supports are more suitable. It is advisable that their surface is not made of metal, as this material can damage the floor.

If you have any questions during the selection process, you should consult with store managers. They will help you to buy suitable heat-resistant wheels for trolleys, as well as, if necessary, additional parts for them.