Two-wheeled folding trolley and main applications

Due to its ease of use and versatile performance, the foldable two-wheeled cart has found wide application in the movement of various loads. Depending on the size and other design features, it is perfect for carrying hand luggage and shopping trips, transporting parcels from post offices and trips to the country.

In addition, folding two-wheeled carts are often used in stores to deliver goods from a warehouse to a sales area, to move various goods within the local area. In general, they can be used to solve a wide range of problems associated with the need to transport not too bulky and lightweight products over relatively short distances.

Features and Benefits

The main feature of any foldable two-wheeled cargo cart is that it can be easily assembled into a compact design without the need for any special tools. This, in turn, provides one of the most important advantages of such household equipment, namely its convenient storage. When folded, it takes up a minimum of space, which allows it to be placed in any corner of the storeroom, garage, and even on a small balcony.

All modifications of this technique consist of a frame, a loading platform and a pair of wheels. In this case, the latter can be stationary or mobile (rotary). They are often equipped with folding two-wheeled cargo carts with bags. This significantly increases their maneuverability, and hence ease of use.

Other advantages of folding two-wheeled carts for transporting goods include:

  • ease of maintenance and repair. With prolonged use, such a product may require periodic lubrication of the wheel bearings. If you need to replace them, you can perform this procedure yourself;
  • optimal lifting capacity. Almost every foldable hand-held two-wheeled cart is capable of withstanding loads weighing up to 100 kilograms;
  • durability. Depending on the intensity of use, the service life can reach ten or more years.

Today the market offers the widest range of such equipment, which allows you to choose the most optimal model depending on your needs and financial capabilities.

Interesting! In our country, people of the older generation call folding hand-held shopping carts "kravchuchki", since they were widely used by people precisely during the reign of the first president of Ukraine.

Product classification

Depending on the intended purpose, foldable hand two-wheeled carts can be divided into:

  • universal. They have a traditional design type and are suitable for moving a wide range of goods: from food products and small-sized equipment to packed bulk building materials;
  • special. This category includes carts with integrated bags and suitcases, as well as highly specialized modifications (for example, for unloading vehicles or transporting certain groups of goods).

Depending on the finish of the frame and loading dock, the foldable two-wheel handcart can be painted or galvanized. The second type is considered to be more durable. But with infrequent use, painted equipment can work for many years without special maintenance.

Wheels as an important structural element

Any foldable shopping cart should be equipped with high-quality wheels, since they take all the load from transported things and uneven road surfaces.

Most utility wheelbarrows come with one of two basic types of wheels. They can be:

  • cast. They do not require pumping throughout the entire period of use, however, they are more preferable for movement on flat surfaces;
  • pneumatic. They show themselves excellently when moving loads on uneven surfaces, and also successfully overcome low obstacles, protecting the transported products from shaking.

Also, the foldable two-wheeled cart can be equipped with polyurethane wheels. They are well suited for use both in warehouse conditions and on the street, providing a smooth running of equipment due to high shock-absorbing qualities. They are distinguished by their durability and do not require special maintenance.