Hydraulic trolley: main applications

The hydraulic trolley (also known as rocker or roll) is a special transport device for transporting goods in warehouse conditions. She uses a pitchfork as a platform, with which you need to pick up a pallet.

Important! The manual rocket is characterized by high efficiency, which is ensured by the presence of a hydraulic system with a jack.

Areas of use
This equipment is mainly used in warehouses, workshops, industrial and commercial facilities. The main function is to transport goods and facilitate loading operations.

Main varieties
The construction of the pallet truck is quite simple. It consists of a handle with a lever, a hydraulic unit, forks and rollers. Wheels can be made of different materials - steel, plastic, polyamide, have a contact layer of rubber or polymeric materials. A wide range of models of rollers for trolleys is presented on the website of the Fregat company https://www.fregat.com.ua/katalog/.

Depending on the characteristics of the rock, there are:
low profile. These pallet trucks are characterized by a low pick-up height. They are used when working with American pallets (120x120 cm) and low pallets. Due to the low height of the forks, low-profile models are also convenient for transporting items with a low clearance and without pallets;
increased carrying capacity. These are trolleys of a reinforced structure. They are convenient for transporting large loads (no more than 5 tons);
with long forks. These models can move 2 pallets at once, thereby reducing the time for these works. In terms of productivity, one such rocker can replace two conventional ones, and in urgent situations it can even perform the function of a stacker. The length of the forks is 150-200 cm. Hydraulic trolleys of this type are also suitable for transporting cargo of non-standard dimensions;
with weights. These are classic types of trolleys with a sensor, scale or built-in display. They are ideally suited for retail chains, warehouses where bulk goods are stored. The use of such structures saves staff time, facilitates warehouse accounting;
with scissor lift. These models are equipped with a special built-in type mechanism that provides lifting. This design makes it easier to load and unload, remove products from the conveyor belt and grip pallets at a height. In the raised state, the forks can be locked, lowering is carried out smoothly, which reduces the likelihood of a load falling. However, when working with such hydraulic carts, the main condition is not to exceed the maximum load;
small-sized. They are suitable for carrying out transport work in small warehouses. Due to the small turning radius and compact size, the rockers are convenient for maneuvering along narrow aisles;
self-propelled. This is the name of the self-driving electric transport devices. They can be equipped with an operator platform or side platform. More modern models are equipped with a removable battery, additional masts are provided;
all-terrain vehicles. This is the name for large-sized rockers for performing work on the street. They are distinguished by their large wheel size, the option to adjust the width of the forks. High permeability, endurance and durability are characteristic features.
Important! Rockles are available in a wide variety of types, you can pick them up for work in different conditions.

Benefits of using
Pallet jacks are a practical type of storage transport. They allow you to optimize the tasks of loading and transporting goods. The advantages of these designs are in the following properties:

ease of maintenance;
Another advantage lies in a wide variety of types, as a result of which it is possible to choose rokly for solving various problems of transporting goods.