Platform trolleys with sidewalls: scope and variety of models

Depending on the application, a certain type of trolley is selected:

with an open platform;
with tubular sides.
When choosing platform trolleys, design features must be taken into account. There are models with and without a rotary axis. Accordingly, they are distinguished by their maneuverability and functionality. In some cases, it is recommended to use equipment with quick-detachable sides, which are convenient to store in a warehouse.

When choosing a suitable model, it is recommended to focus on criteria such as:
purpose of application;
design features;
carrying capacity;
type of wheels.
Among the variety of warehouse platform equipment, there are designs with sides and one handle, as well as several. Therefore, in order not to be mistaken in the choice, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical characteristics.

Important! Before purchasing, you should study the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the operating conditions of the selected devices.

Additional elements
Platform trolleys are versatile devices that can have one or several tiers. The former are used to move large loads, the latter are used to transport many small and light items. In order to maximize the service life, both mesh and tubular structures are coated with weatherproof, anti-corrosion, and polymer-powder coatings.

The functionality of this warehouse equipment largely depends on the type and quality of the wheels installed, which can be changed in some carts. They are rotary and non-rotary. In 4-wheel devices, both types are most often combined, which gives maneuverability. In most cases it is much more profitable to change wheels than to buy new equipment. More details about their variety can be found on the website

Since the carrying capacity of warehouse equipment is quite large, all its elements must be of high quality and durable. For the manufacture of industrial rollers and wheels, wear-resistant materials are used. When choosing the right accessories, it is important to correctly calculate their load capacity. It is necessary to take into account not only the maximum weight of the transported cargo, but also the weight of all metal and additional structural elements. If you have any doubts when choosing wheels, it is better to consult with specialists who will help you make informed purchases.

By choosing the right platform storage trolley and modifying it if necessary, you can significantly facilitate, secure and speed up the process of moving goods. Therefore, this technique is indispensable in the work of almost all enterprises, shops and other industrial and commercial facilities.