2 January
5 March

Pallet trucks: warehouse equipment for use in aggressive environments

The production activities of many companies are often associated with the impact of adverse factors. In the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, special equipment is used, for example, a hydraulic carriage for working in an aggressive environment. They are made of stainless steel. Confirmation of their quality and resistance to the negative effects of aggressive environments is the conclusion of the sanitary and epidemiological examination.

Features of hydraulic rockers
Trolleys designed to work in an aggressive environment are indispensable for facilities with special operating conditions: on ships, in ports, etc. The models differ in the following characteristics:

carrying capacity;
equipment design;
Although the cost of stainless steel hydraulic rockers is significantly higher than the price of this type of equipment made from other materials, they are still in high demand.

The key benefits of such rohls include:
safety and environmental friendliness;
maneuverability and stability;
wide operational capabilities;
resistance to corrosive processes;
impeccable technical characteristics;
simplicity of equipment control;
ease of maintenance;
excellent visual performance, etc.
The stainless steel pallet jacks can be used in aggressive environments all year round, including outdoors.

Important! Such storage equipment must be regularly washed, cleaned and disinfected. Moreover, it does not require additional sanitary and hygienic processing.

The only items that need to be changed periodically are the wheels. But, given their affordable cost, it is not difficult to acquire everything you need. Our catalog https://www.fregat.com.ua/katalog/ presents a wide range of wheels for rohly, which you can buy in just a few clicks.

Flawless performance
Stainless steel pallet trucks are warehouse equipment that does not fail when exposed to negative factors. It meets all the requirements of the industry, where the use of devices made of such a durable material is allowed. Among the main ones are:

Hygiene. In any industry, it is important to maintain cleanliness during the production process, and not only in the premises. Stainless steel equipment is easy to clean even without the use of special products.
Resistance to temperature extremes, chemical attack of alkalis, acids, solutions, etc. In such conditions, conventional carts quickly become unusable, while stainless steel equipment easily copes with the tasks.
Durability. Even with minimal care, rochies serve for many years, while they do not rust and look neat.
It should be noted that this technique does not require additional anti-corrosion treatment, that is, the costs after purchase are minimal. Thanks to the operation of carts, it is possible to reduce the workload on personnel and increase labor productivity.