Two-wheeled carts, main types

Two-wheeled carts: types and features of models

A two-wheeled trolley is a subspecies of commercial and warehouse equipment for transporting various goods. The simple design consists of a metal frame, two wheels and a stand on which containers or individual items are placed. The upper part of the base goes into a handle for operating the transport device during transport.

Features of use

Two-wheeled carts are simple transport devices. Their main purpose is to move goods or prepackaged products in production or industrial conditions. So, they are used in warehouse complexes, retail facilities (markets, etc.), enterprises, workshops and factories. That is, wherever there is a need for a simple device for transportation over short distances.

The configuration of this type of technique resembles an inverted letter "G". This shape is due to the specifics of the platform attachment. In relation to the frame, it is located at an angle of 90 °. The cargo is installed on it during transportation.

Different types of goods can be transported on two-wheeled carts: piece goods (bags, boxes) or solid goods (objects, structures).

Important: it is inconvenient to transport products in bulk on such devices. It will crumble, so it is better to place it in a container.

Selection options

When purchasing equipment, it is important to consider the characteristics of a particular model. Several types of equipment are produced, so it is important to approach the issue of choice responsibly, carefully study the main characteristics of the equipment:

  • platform structure - folding, fixed. The first option is more practical. Models with a folding platform can be folded into compact designs, which makes them easy to store;
  • type of platform - single or lattice. It is worth choosing taking into account the cargo being transported;
  • carrying capacity. Varies according to frame endurance. In general, such transport devices are designed for loads weighing up to 200 kg.

Also pay attention to the type of wheels. Endurance and reliability depend on this parameter. Using the link you can order rollers for warehouse equipment of different types: made of rubber, polyamide, plastic, etc., with a turning function, with a stopper for braking.

Basic types of structures

2-wheel trolleys are produced in a wide range. The division into types is carried out depending on the technical characteristics. So, they are:

  • classic. This equipment has a "G" shape. It is used to move luggage weighing about 200 kg;
  • lightweight. Such models are usually equipped with a folding type platform. Lightness is a characteristic feature. Low weight is achieved through the use of hollow tubes in the construction of the frame;
  • reinforced. This equipment is made on a strong frame. Equipped with thicker wheels. The lifting capacity of the reinforced models reaches 250 kg;
  • specialized. This group includes several types of transport devices that are designed for use in certain industrial conditions - for moving on stairs, for working with special loads (hot, wet, etc.).

The use of two-wheeled carts can significantly speed up and facilitate work. Due to their versatility and endurance, they can be used both in street conditions and for moving goods indoors.