Two-wheeled carts, main types, design features

A two-wheeled trolley is a kind of trade and warehouse equipment that is used to transport goods weighing up to 100-200 kg over short distances. Structurally, this technique consists of a metal frame, to which two wheels are attached, and stands for placing the load. The upper part of the frame acts as a handle. The operator who carries out the transportation is taken for it.

The platform in the lower part is located at an angle of 90 degrees to the plane of the frame (the structure is an inverted letter G). It can be fixed or folding. The second option is more compact. It allows you to organize convenient storage of these products. Two-wheeled carts are often used in warehouses, retail outlets, markets, manufacturing and industrial plants.

Attention: with the help of trolleys, you can transport both whole cargo and piece (boxes, bags with bulk materials). The platform can be single or lattice. It should be chosen for the type of goods transported.

Varieties of carts
There are four types of two-wheeled carts:

Classic. They have a standard L-shape. Suitable for transporting goods weighing up to 200 kg.
Lightweight models. Usually equipped with a folding platform. They are lightweight and made of hollow tubes. Suitable for transporting goods weighing 70–100 kg.
Reinforced. They have a strong frame and thicker wheels. Withstand loads up to 250 kg.
Specialized. Several models fall into this category - for climbing stairs, for working with special loads (for example, wet, hot, etc.).
The design of the two-wheeled trolley is designed to facilitate the work process. It can be placed with the load on the footrest or tilted for rolling. For the manufacture of the frame, a profile or round pipe (steel with a thickness of 1.2 mm) is usually used. The wheels are covered with polyurethane foam to soften the movement.

It is recommended to move on a hard, even surface. For ease of transportation, the handles are covered with a corrugated rubberized tube. Wheels can be of different sizes, if necessary, they can be easily replaced with new ones by choosing the link: https: //

Product advantages
The advantages of this warehouse equipment include:

Versatility. Can be used indoors and outdoors to transport boxes or small pallets.
High lifting capacity. One person using the product can move loads weighing up to 250 kg.
Practicality. There is no need to specifically service the cart. If necessary, it can be tinted, and the wheels can be lubricated, but this is done once every 5–7 years.
Ease of Management. It will take a couple of minutes to master the control of the cart. At the same time, both a man and a woman can work with her. There is no need to make special efforts for transportation.
Low price. This is the most affordable type of warehouse equipment.
Attention: the trolley is highly maneuverable. It can be used even in confined spaces. It is easy to deploy it on the spot, move it along narrow aisles.

In order to choose the model that suits your needs, consider what kind of goods you will carry. Consider what capacity is needed, what type of wheels is suitable (cast or pneumatic), dimensions and number of handles (there are options with one or two handles).