Plastic transport trolleys

With its help, you can facilitate the process of transporting goods, reduce the burden on employees and increase the speed of order processing.

Plastic transport trolley is used in manufacturing and industrial enterprises, in logistics centers, in supermarkets, warehouses, etc. It consists of a solid frame, a platform made of polymer and wheels. Typically, such structures are used indoors, on flat floors, but if necessary, they can be used outdoors.

Attention: some models are equipped with a special handle to facilitate transportation.

Product features
Such units are made of durable plastic that can withstand quite high loads (up to 500 kg). They usually do not have a built-in carrying handle like a rockley. Rolling is carried out using muscular strength. The design of the plastic trolley provides for the presence of four rubberized wheels, while two are usually rotatable, which facilitates the transportation process. The standard wheel diameter is 75 mm, but there are models for 100 and 125 mm.

The advantages of such products include:

Light weight and compact size. The trolley weight is about 3-4 kg, width - from 40 to 80 cm (depending on the model). The standard construction height is 20 cm. It feels confident in small rooms and when moving between racks and shelves.
Low noise level and good handling. This design moves freely due to muscular strength, and no special effort is needed for this. Both men and women can operate the trolley for transporting plastic boxes.
Long service life. The design is not afraid of mechanical and dynamic loads, does not suffer from ultraviolet radiation or temperature drops. It does not require special care. It is enough just to clean it from dirt and dust.
Convenience of storage. If several platforms are used in the warehouse, then they can be stored by stacking on top of each other. Due to the presence of sides around the perimeter, they will not fall, disperse.
Versatility. Using this unit, you can transport absolutely any cargo: boxes, pallets, containers, etc. Sometimes they are placed in several rows.
Affordable price is also a plus. Models will cost 3-5 times less than metal ones. According to their characteristics, they are in no way inferior to steel ones, and in some cases even surpass them. For example, plastic is not corroded, so it can be used in wet rooms or when transporting frozen food, ice, fish, etc.

Attention: Purchase reinforced models for handling heavy loads. They have a sturdy frame and can carry loads of up to 400-500 kg.

It should also be borne in mind that some models for transporting containers are frame. They do not have an upper solid plane. The load is placed on the frame itself (it has special gaps). This makes the structure lighter and less expensive. The main thing is to correctly determine the size of the containers with which you have to work so that they can be installed on the frame.