Hydraulic carts, types and features

Usually used in large stores, grocery and construction supermarkets, warehouses, airports, etc. With this trolley, which is also often called rokla, you can transport goods weighing up to 2,500 kg, but there are also more powerful units with a carrying capacity of up to 5 tons ...

A feature of the hydraulic trolley is the built-in jack. It allows the operator to raise and lower the forks as needed. The jack works through a linkage system. You can master its use in just a couple of minutes.

Attention: no special skills are required to operate this technique. It can be used by both men and women.

Rocklay types
The classic device consists of four elements:

1. A fork that is used to pry off the pallet.

2. Roller system located under the frame, as well as larger steering wheels.

3. The handle with which the unit is controlled.

4.Hydraulics, which helps raise and lower the forks.

The principle of rockley's work is quite simple. It is necessary to lower the forks, bring them under the base of the pallet so that balance is maintained. The operator then activates the jack, pumping it up using a special lever or handle. The rise is usually carried out to a height of 18–20 centimeters. Then, using the handle, the platform rolls to its destination, after which the forks are lowered, the load is placed on the base.

Consider what types of hydraulic carts exist:

1.Classic. They can move on a firm, level surface. Usually used in warehouses.

2.With shortened forks. Suitable for work in small warehouses with small pallets.

3.With extended forks. Usually they have increased carrying capacity.

4.With scissor lift. This equipment allows you to lift pallets to a height of 60–80 centimeters.

5.With scales. Convenient models that allow you to weigh the load without leaving the place.

There are also low profile models and devices with an electric lift. If you plan to work in an aggressive environment, then it is recommended to choose stainless steel rockers.

Product features
Before choosing and purchasing a suitable model, you must definitely think about what kind of cargo you will have to work with, how often you need to transport pallets. If it is a small warehouse or store, it is planned to transport a dozen or two goods per day, then it is best to purchase a manual model. It is relatively inexpensive and practical.

Attention: if the unit is purchased for a large warehouse or traffic, then it is better to choose a self-propelled cart. It can travel at a speed of 5–6 km / h on a flat hard floor.

Self-propelled rockers are driven by an electric motor from a built-in battery, the charge of which is enough for a full working day. They can be of two types: leash or with a platform. The first option is simpler. The operator simply follows the cart, which is driven by an electric motor. The second type is more practical, suitable for large rooms. The rockley has a special folding platform, on which the operator stands while driving. Thanks to this, he does not get tired, he can work all day.