Scaffolding: design features and the choice of wheels for equipment

Construction work, assembly operations at height is impossible without special equipment - scaffolding. They are a prefabricated structure consisting of different elements: wood and metal. Additionally, these structures are often equipped with wheels to facilitate their movement around the facility. Using the link, you can order wheels for scaffolding; a large assortment of rollers of various carrying capacities is on sale.

Scaffolding design features
The structure is created from various elements. Their number may vary depending on the height and size of the structure. The main components are:

gripper lock;
On tall structures, handrails and fences may additionally be provided to increase the safety of their operation. Wheels on the scaffolding are installed to improve their mobility. The rollers make it easier to move the structure around the site and the process takes less time. If they are not there, then special equipment will be required to perform such an operation or it will be necessary to dismantle the scaffolding. These measures will entail additional costs of money and time.

Selection features
An important characteristic of the wheels is their carrying capacity. It is on this parameter that you should first of all be guided when choosing videos. You can determine the appropriate type by calculating the load according to the formula: weight of the scaffolding + weight of workers and auxiliary equipment, the resulting number is divided by 3. As a result, we calculate the optimal carrying capacity of each roller.

The second reference point is the type of material. It is better to choose wheels, the contact layer of which is made of black rubber. The advantages of such models are unpretentiousness to operating conditions and versatility of application. They are suitable for driving on all types of surfaces, including delicate surfaces, do not damage them or leave marks.

The third parameter is diameter. Products with d = 160 and 200 mm are in demand for scaffolding. They are characterized by improved cross-country ability. Structures with such wheels are more convenient to roll around the construction site, despite the fact that smaller models can also withstand high loads.

Pay attention to the type of bracket. It is better to give preference to designs with a swing brake. This mechanism provides optimal mobility, blocks the rotation of not only the wheels, but also the bracket, ensuring maximum worker safety.

A wide selection of scaffolding rollers is available on the Fregat website. The catalog contains models of wheels with a rubber contact coating, of various diameters - from miniature designs 100–125 mm to popular types of 160 and 200 mm. The lifting capacity is indicated in the product description. You can order wheels on the website both for scaffolding, and for furniture production, a complete set of garbage containers, trade and production equipment.