Hardware wheels: main series and their features

Hardware wheels are widely used in manufacturing. They are used to equip furniture, carts, trade and exhibition equipment. They are made of an iron base (steel) and a rubberized roller. The link https://www.fregat.com.ua/apparatnie-kolesa-i-roliki/ hardware wheels can be ordered in several types. You can choose from a series of structures with different prices and parameters of load endurance:

Profi with polyurethane coating;
Profi double;
design series with wooden casters.
Wheels differ in technical and operational characteristics. We will consider their features in detail below.

Econom: practical and affordable hardware wheels
Constructions from this series attract a low price. Among the main characteristics:

Operating temperature range - from 0 to +42 ° С.
Permissible load - from 40 to 80 kg.
Models from the Economy series are equipped with sleeve bearings. The discs are made of durable polypropylene. The contact surface is covered with gray thermoplastic rubber. This material does not leave marks on the floor and is characterized by a low noise level.

"Comfort": durable structures
The working surface is made of plastic thermorezin - a soft and wear-resistant material that does not damage the floor covering. The disc is made of high quality polypropylene. These products are characterized by endurance to loads, strength, low speed and low rolling resistance. Technical specifications:

Operating temperature range - from 0 to +40 ° С.
Permissible loads - from 80 to 220 kg.
Wheels from the "Comfort" series are equipped with ball bearings, which are installed during the casting process, which forms a one-piece structure. Additionally, they are equipped with thread guards to prevent foreign bodies from entering the axle.

Profi polyurethane coated
The base of these rollers is made of polyamide-6. It forms an integral connection with the contact layer due to the hermetic, force and chemical closure, which are used in the production process. Specifications:

Operating temperature range - from -15 to +80 ° С.
Permissible load - 20-60 kg.
Polyurethane tread for high load carrying capacity. It is wear-resistant, virtually silent. Additionally, the wheels can be equipped with plain bearings - roller or ball.

Profi twin: practical and robust construction
These hardware wheels are designed for use in light industry and public institutions. Designed for low to medium loads. Main characteristics:

Operating temperature range - 0–40 ° С.
Permissible loads - 90–150 kg.
Rollers from this series are equipped with ball bearings. The disc is made of polyurethane. The contact surface is lined with thermoplastic and durable rubber. To strengthen the structure, thread protection is provided.

Design series: original and stylish models
Such designs are in demand in the furniture industry. They are made of durable wood (beech, oak), varnished. Performance characteristics:

Temperature range - 0–40 ° С.
Permissible loads - 40-50 kg.
Wooden rollers are equipped with anti-skid bearings, sometimes they are equipped with rubber rings, which ensure quiet running.