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5 December

What to look for when choosing wheels for carpet

Carpet is one of the most common types of flooring. The versatility and practicality of this decorative element makes it possible to use it not only in residential premises, but also in administrative and commercial buildings. Public spaces involve a large flow of visitors and the regular use of mobile structures equipped with wheeled mechanisms (carts, racks, tables, chairs). Wheels for carpet, in contact with a soft surface, must maintain their speed qualities, passability, maneuverability, and also not break the structure of the coating.

Functional features of carpet
When choosing a carpet, it is necessary to take into account both the purpose of the space to be laid and the possibility of using mobile pieces of furniture and various mobile equipment. By functional characteristics, carpet can be divided into several types:

household - has a high or medium pile, suitable for bedrooms, offices and children's rooms. The materials for the production of household carpet are wool, cotton, flax;
semi-commercial - represented by medium-sized products used in everyday life for hallways and corridors, and in large institutions - for small offices or meeting rooms;
commercial - these are coatings with low pile or none at all. This type of carpet is intended for rooms with high traffic (hotels, restaurants, offices). Practical synthetic materials are used for the production of contact coatings: polyamide, polypropylene, polyester;
exhibition - a special thin and inexpensive carpet designed for one-time use during major events (conferences, presentations or weddings).
Regardless of the functionality of the room, the floor covering must be durable, not contain components harmful to human health and have fire-fighting properties.

Useful information! For rooms that use small movable pieces of furniture (armchairs, coffee tables, bedside tables), you can lay carpet with a high (over 5 mm) or medium (3-5 mm) pile. For rooms in which heavy wheeled structures are regularly used, it is better to choose short-pile (2-3 mm) coatings.

The main characteristics of carpet
The method of carpet making has a noticeable effect on the driving performance of carts and other mobile equipment. Of the three main methods of coating production (needle-punched, woven, tufted), needle-punched products are the most resistant to wear and suitable for moving large and massive structures.

When determining which wheels are needed for a certain type of carpet, the parameters of the structure of the carpet pile are also of great importance:

looped - consists of one or more levels of closed loops;
sheared - represents cut loops up to 10 mm long;
combined - connects both types of hair laying.
For rooms with intense traffic, it is preferable to use a single-level looped or sheared type of pile.

Important! Another characteristic of the carpet that you should pay attention to when selecting is the density of the canvas. The higher this indicator, the more load the coating can withstand and the longer its service life will be.

Optimal wheel materials
Whichever type of carpet you choose, the choice of the type and material of wheels for mobile structures is critical to the efficient use of mobile equipment. All wheel mechanisms are suitable for use on a carpet surface, except for metal cast products. For movement on soft surfaces, wheels equipped with a tire (contact layer) made of hard material are best suited:

polyurethane - they can withstand a lot of weight, tolerate mechanical stress well, do not spoil the structure of the coating;
polyamide - durable, moisture-resistant and hygienic products with excellent running characteristics for intensive use;
polypropylene - provide smooth movement and stability of overall structures, and also tolerate high temperatures well.
On a short-pile and lint-free carpet, the use of pneumatic and rubberized wheels is permissible. It is better not to use these materials for long pile, since rubber has the properties of "gripping" the villi, which leads to rapid wear of the coating.

Recommendation. Determine which wheels for the carpet should be in diameter, you can focus on the "hairiness" of the coating. The longer the pile, the larger the wheel rim section should be.

By adhering to the simple rules given in the article, you will provide yourself with comfortable living conditions, efficient operation of the enterprise, as well as an excellent appearance of the carpet over a long period of its operation.