We make a garden wheelbarrow with our own hands: options for functional and decorative models

The owner of a private house, dacha, cottage should have an "irreplaceable assistant" in the household, which will allow you to easily move the land, building materials, etc. across the plot. Those who are fond of planting and caring for plants cannot do without a wheelbarrow. Carrying tools, soil, seedlings without a cart is problematic and unreasonable. It takes a lot of time and effort. If you have not yet had time to get a household wheelbarrow, find the best option or make it yourself. The latter is not as difficult as it seems. Enough desire, a minimum of tools and materials. The work will take 2-4 hours. The duration and complexity of manufacturing depends on the tasks. How to make a wheelbarrow with your own hands? We will tell you further.

We analyze the essence of the upcoming work
Before planning the stages of making a wheelbarrow, you need to decide on the type of construction and see what is on the farm. Sometimes you don't have to buy anything. For example, an old barrel can serve as the body of the structure, and wheels from a domestic children's bicycle can serve as moving elements.

If you definitely decided to make a trolley, check out the features of each model, their advantages and disadvantages. This information will also be useful for buyers. Choosing from ready-made options, you need to understand what you will get in the end. With low requirements for operation and rare use, you can limit yourself to the simplest unattractive wheelbarrow. Read about such and more advanced options in this publication.

"Is it worth reinventing the wheel?"
Today the market is overflowing with everything a modern person needs. There are also garden trolleys on sale for people with different needs. However, prices for some of them bite. Should you make the cart yourself? Look at the cost and you will see that a homemade design will cost several times less. A wheelbarrow will get free if the farm has everything for its manufacture.

Advice: we do not recommend saving on wheels and using old, worn out moving parts. Why? It will be inconvenient to use such a wheelbarrow! Maneuverability and handling will suffer. A large selection of inexpensive quality wheels is presented in our online store.

We do not recommend buying a garden wheelbarrow for those who love tinkering and get real pleasure from it. In this case, it is enough to select materials and tools, to start manufacturing.

Stages of work
Having decided on the type of wheelbarrow design and having finished planning, you can proceed to the drawings. The drawing will serve as a guide to further actions. It will immediately become clear what materials are missing. It will be possible to plan all actions step by step, find the missing details. By the way, sketches of schemes are freely available on the Internet. If there are no ideas, just select one of the ready-made drawings and print it. Then they stock up on materials and tools. They begin to implement the project.

Cart options
When planning to make a wheelbarrow for the garden, you need to decide on the type of body and frame. These structural elements must be comfortable and compatible with each other. Let's start with the wireframe, the simplest option. To make it, you need a square bar with a cross section of 25 mm. A frame is welded from this element, after which 2 wheels are installed on the axle. The body for such a cart is better and easier to make from galvanized sheets. They are cheap, do not rust, and are very durable. A body of the required size is cut out of galvanized sheets, taking into account the parameters of the base. Attach it with screws. The result of such simple steps is a new cart. Calculate the cost and time spent. It will not be possible to buy a garden wheelbarrow for the same amount.

How are carts made from scrap materials? There are many options. Let's consider the most economical one. We warn you that the product will turn out to be unattractive, but quite convenient. Such a wheelbarrow is suitable for transporting land and garden tools, it will not break under the force of the load. So, for a cart from improvised means, one of the craftsmen used:

unnecessary container for mixing cement mortar;
metal plumbing pipes;
axle and wheels.
The container served as the body of the wheelbarrow, and the frame was made of metal pipes. They were bent and welded together. The axle for the wheels was attached by welding, and the body with the frame was securely connected with wire. This is a simple, reliable design that can be used on the farm for various purposes.

Tip: when connecting parts of the trolley, amateur craftsmen recommend using high-quality self-tapping screws with a galvanized coating. They securely fix the structural elements to each other. However, it is important to do the twisting correctly. For this, holes are made at the base of a slightly smaller diameter than that of the screw. Otherwise, the material may crack, especially wood.

Consider another version of the cart that you can make with your own hands. It will appeal to those who have an unnecessary barrel at home. The container material can be any:

When using a plastic barrel, you will have to suffer. The product may crack when twisted. There will be no problems when working with wood or metal. At the same time, 2 cars can be made from one barrel. For 1 cart use half the capacity.

To make a cart from a barrel with your own hands, do the following:

Cut the vessel into 1 part.
A frame is assembled from scrap materials (you can use the previously presented options).
They make ribs and bolts that serve as the basis for the body.
Install the wheels.
The production of such a wheelbarrow will take a maximum of several hours. In half a day, you can make two household structures that will last more than one year.

Tip: ease of use also depends on the quality of the handles. To prevent the metal pipes from which the frame is made from staining the palms, they can be wrapped with electrical tape.

And finally, we will present instructions on how to make a decorative cart from an old bed. Wheels are also needed for manufacturing. Their number is determined based on the type of wheelbarrow. Mostly 2 or 4 wheels are used.

The collection consists of the following steps:

Removing the net from an old wooden bed.
Attaching wheels.
Installation of the bottom and sides of sheet steel.
Installation of handles (it is better to use wooden sticks).
The finished decorative cart is varnished. This will create a dimensional decoration for the garden, where you can place flower pots and much more.

We select wheels
The functionality of the trolley largely depends on the moving elements and the quality of their fastening. The most correct decision would be to buy new wheels. Why? They are not worn out, which means they will last for many years and provide convenience during the operation of the wheelbarrow. When choosing wheels for your garden cart, consider the operating conditions of the wheelbarrow and the maximum lifting capacity. For asphalt and poor quality surfaces, pneumatic wheels are suitable. On our website, you can order them with the optimal carrying capacity and diameter.

What to do with a limited budget? As a replacement, men use wheels from an old bicycle. Large diameter products are only attached in pairs! Those who have a baby carriage from the USSR times in the barn will also get out of this situation. Its steel base with wheels is incredibly strong, withstands even an overweight adult. This part from the stroller will be a reliable frame, movable elements will provide good controllability and maneuverability.

Now let's move on to the question of wheel mounting. What is the best way to fix them and how to connect them to the base in the absence of a welding machine? Use a 16–20 mm diameter pin as the axle. When choosing a part, consider the type of wheel. You can easily fix the stud with a nut. Don't forget to secure the last one.

Important: do not fasten the plates with screws, use bolts, having previously drilled holes of the required diameter in the base. This will eliminate cracking of the material.

Use good wheels when making your own cart.