Choosing a durable shopping cart on wheels

Many Ukrainian women do hard work every day, which takes up energy, time and health. What a grocery shopping trip worth! We have to pull heavy bags to a stop or parking. Procurement of groceries also causes a lot of trouble for the elderly. After "walking" through the market, back, legs and other parts of the body begin to ache. However, not everyone is inconvenienced by the solution of everyday household affairs. Wise people bought a trolley bag long ago and forgot about the heavy burden. This useful functional thing is an irreplaceable assistant in every home! She has long ceased to look like a grandmother's "accessory". There are many aesthetic wheelbarrow bags on sale. However, some of them serve for many years and do not cause inconvenience during operation, others - on the contrary. How to choose a shopping cart "for ages"? Read our informative article to the end and place an order "fully armed".

About the destiny of the invaluable "home helper"
Before choosing a shopping cart on wheels, let's figure out if you need it. We do not recommend saving on the purchase of this bag! Modern trolleys for “grocery shopping” on wheels are replacing the image of an old grandmother who, with her last strength, pulls an unbearable “kravchuchka”. Manufacturers make them fashionable and ergonomic. Compact-looking carts can accommodate a lot of purchases, replacing a dozen packages, the purchase of which takes a decent amount. Their biggest "trump card" is ease of use. You can buy 10 kg of vegetables and other things, and go home light. There will be no debilitating heaviness, from which the spine is deformed, arms and legs hurt. The state of health will not worsen.

By purchasing a trolley bag, you can:

increase the number of purchases per visit. If you're planning on having a party, you don't have to go to the store multiple times. The roomy, voluminous trolley contains space for food, drinks, personal care products and more;
calmly return home from the dacha with the harvested crop. Summer is the time for gardening. Thousands of Ukrainians spend most of it at their dacha. They take care of fruit trees and a vegetable garden. A trolley on wheels is extremely necessary for giving. But don't confuse it with a garden or construction wheelbarrow. By the way, it is also difficult to do without the latter in the country. A trolley bag is an irreplaceable thing when tomatoes, cucumbers are ripe, raspberries and fruits are harvested;
walk around the market without anxiety and irritation, enjoy shopping. With a trolley bag, you can look at the goods carefree. It will be convenient both in the market and after visiting the supermarket to move around with bulk purchases. With its appearance, you no longer need to worry about your health. The back, legs and arms will not suffer from the burdens that we all have to carry.
Trolley bags are classified by design, number of wheels, volume, materials. Not all of them can withstand a lot of weight. To prevent the trolley from breaking down quickly, you need to analyze the quality of every part during the purchase.

Main selection criteria
A trolley on wheels is bought in order to make life easier for yourself - to transport a rather heavy load without much effort. The goal is the same, but the operating conditions are different. For example, it makes no sense for a single woman to buy a large roomy model, it is enough to purchase a compact trolley bag. But a mother with many children should do exactly the opposite.

Everyone, without exception, needs to evaluate:

product strength;
frame material and fabric;
type of wheels;
quality of fittings.
We will describe each characteristic in more detail below.

Materials of the main parts
The shopping cart on wheels will be reliable and durable only when equipped with a strong frame. If its parts are thin and bend, the “home helper” can fail during the first operation. The frame must be strong! Reliable is the one made of steel or a special aluminum alloy. Models with a frame of the latter type are lighter. The thicker the base parts, the heavier the whole product.

Important! It is difficult to find a trolley bag with a cast frame, the parts are usually welded together. Pay attention to these seams. They must be "clean", without any connectors. Rivets and ties are lost over time, not withstanding the load.

Now let's talk about the wheels. A good option would be a shopping trolley bag with movable silicone elements. This material is abrasion resistant. Long-lasting is also called metal wheels with rubber or silicone tires. The rest of the options are inferior to those described. Wheel diameter plays an important role. This parameter is used to judge the cross-country ability and maneuverability of the trolley bag. The optimal diameter of the moving elements is from 12 to 18 cm. Such wheels make it equally easy to move on asphalt, garden uneven area, rocky terrain.

What material is the bag made of? Modern manufacturers use synthetic and blended fabrics. Polyester and its analogs have increased wear resistance. Check the density of the fabric when shopping. In no case should the material be thin.