Areas of application for profiles and other silicone products

Silicone is a popular material that is used for the manufacture of various products used in construction, cooking, etc. Profiles are the best-selling products from it. These silicone products are indispensable in the production of:

insulating products;
double-glazed windows;
door seals;
locks and other things.
Extensive use of silicone profiles is explained by the affordability, safety for humans and the environment. Lubricants are also in demand. Rubber products are treated with silicone compounds to improve their appearance and improve quality. With their help, you can quickly remove the remains of paint, plaster, cement. Silicone-based lubricants extend the service life of machine tools and cutting tools. After processing, rust does not appear on metal products.


Features of use in different areas
Many people believe that the use of silicone profiles is limited to window production. Yes, thanks to them, double-glazed windows are reliable and sealed, do not allow cold air streams. However, silicone profiles are also components of such structures as:

washing machines;
microwave ovens and other household appliances.
The products are widely used in medicine. For example, in the production of implants and impression materials. Silicone products are used in the banking sector (casts for protection against dummies), in industry (hoses, tubes with resistance to high and low temperatures, lids, plugs). In printing houses, there are rectangular cords under the cliche. As you can see, silicone has become an irreplaceable material, with its appearance it has become possible to make products that are reliable, safe and affordable.


Reasons for the demand
The numerous advantages of silicone products explain the high demand for them:

frost resistance;
invariability of characteristics when exposed to high temperatures;
flexibility and plasticity;
long service life (20–35 years depending on operating conditions);
resistance to radiation and ultraviolet light;
safety for human health, confirmed by the results of independent tests;
lack of unpleasant odor;
resistance to mechanical and electrical stress;
preservation of integrity after processing or accidental ingestion of chemicals.
To date, silicone profiles have no analogues. Products made from other materials with similar properties cost 2 times more. Profiles can be called a budget product. At a ridiculous price, they serve for decades. However, not all, but only those made from high quality, safe and certified raw materials. Each manufacturer is obliged to provide product documentation. The structure of the products will also tell about the service life. Good silicone profiles are free from defects. if you are interested in information about silicone seals. then follow the link: