Everything you need to know before buying a pallet truck

Pallet jacks are lifting equipment used to move and store products in production facilities. They differ from analogs in design and functions. A lift villa is the main feature of the hydraulic carts. Conventional wheelbarrows are not equipped with them. Thanks to their hydraulic elements, the trolleys allow manual handling and storage of products with minimal effort.

Design features
The main elements of the hydraulic carriage are:

a mechanism with nodes and forks, with the help of which they lift loads;
handles with control levers;
front support wheels;
rear rollers.
The machine starts working after engaging the linkage, which is actuated by reciprocating movements. The hydraulic pump is then activated. It acts on the plunger systems driving the bogie platform. In this way, the forks grab objects, lifting them to the desired height. You can set the following 3 commands:

Operation is not inconvenient. No special knowledge and skills are required to operate lifting equipment. To transport boxes, pallets and other things, just put the forks under them and set the command with the lever. As a result of these simple actions, the load will move to the desired location.

Interesting: the higher the cost, the more convenient the control and the more possibilities. For example, in modern models, you can change the distance between the forks, pre-weigh the load, etc.


Classification options
Hydraulic machines differ from each other:

the size of the pitchfork;
lifting height;
the design and shape of the site;
carrying capacity parameters;
the presence of a braking system;
wheel material and dimensions.
When choosing a trolley, you need to take into account the operating conditions, and only then look at the price. For example, in confined spaces it is comfortable to operate equipment with short forks. In the spacious space, there is room for an oversized model with extended arms, which can accommodate more than one pallet. You can buy wheels for a hydraulic carriage by following the link: https://www.fregat.com.ua/roliki-podvilochnye-i-kolesa-dlya-gidravlicheskoy-telezhki

Functional content
On sale there are classic hydraulic-type trolleys that only lift and move the load, as well as scissor positions with a low profile and forks of different lengths. Modifications of high carrying capacity are also presented, with the function of measuring weight.

Important: Standard models are not designed to lift loads heavier than 2 tons.

Who should pay attention to the hydraulic scissor trolley? People performing tasks of moving goods from shelf to shelf. That is, when pallets are not transported over long distances.

Loaded hydraulic machines are easy to maneuver. With their help, you can easily transport even heavy loads. Manufacturers pay great attention to the hydraulic unit. High quality materials are used for its manufacture. The parts are reliable, wear-resistant and durable.

The features of the operation of bogies with short and long forks were discussed above. However, there are models with arms that are low and wide. They are irreplaceable when working with American and Euro pallets.

Separately, special purpose carts are distinguished with the following features:

stainless steel base (corresponds to GOST);
high maneuverability due to side rollers;
resistance to acid vapors, salts, alkali, high humidity and other adverse effects;
grips of a triangular shape;
the ability to move long rolls.
Special-purpose trolleys will be the best choice for increased demands on operation and handling.


Terms of use
Before choosing a hydraulic machine, you need to take into account the parameters of the load and other conditions for working with it. Regardless of the functionality and design features of the trolley, the operating rules are the same.

A hydraulic machine will work flawlessly if:

do not exceed the load prescribed by the manufacturer in the data sheet;
load the grippers evenly;
keep bearings clean;
refuse to operate on an uneven or deformed surface;
periodically lubricate the parts with machine oil.
By adhering to the elementary operating rules, you can prevent the breakdown of the hydraulic carriage, avoid unforeseen costs and stop working processes in production.