"Queen of the Kitchen" or Rotary Oven as a versatile piece of equipment for any bakery

The smell of fresh baked goods is simply divine. It is associated with grandma's bread from the oven, but most people know this aroma from supermarkets, bakeries or pastry shops. Modern equipment allows us to make fresh bakery products no worse than the ones that remained in our memory from childhood. This is often due to the rotary ovens. This technique is indispensable for medium to large scale production. It allows you to bake a wide range of different types of products. Its features and advantages will be discussed further.


Design specifics
The rotary oven is a metal chamber made of stainless steel. Inside there is a multi-level rack, as well as a special device that rotates the shelves, ensuring uniform baking of products. The uniqueness of this equipment lies in the fact that you can cook a huge number of different products in it: any kind of bread and rolls, confectionery products, puff pastry, gingerbread, cookies, rolls, and much more (and even dry crackers). For bakeries, such equipment is the backbone. By changing the workpieces, there is no need to readjust the air heat flows. All this significantly reduces material costs and saves time.

Other advantages of the rotary oven include:

the ability to work on electricity, gas or diesel fuel;
the ability to deliver high performance with low energy consumption;
compactness (frontal arrangement saves space of production areas);
the continuity of the cooking process;
a wide range of baking modes;
automatic software installations;
the ability to cook different products at the same time;
ease of management (accessible interface);
the presence of a powerful steam generator;
large, convenient doors for loading blanks and a window for process control;
quick access to maintenance units;
prefabricated structure that is easy to transport and assemble.
Most modern models have the function of memorizing the main modes (baking parameters). This greatly simplifies the cooking process.


Expert advice
What you need to know when choosing a rotary oven:

Much depends on the quality and thickness of thermal insulation. Firstly, high-quality equipment will heat up faster and, accordingly, baked goods are prepared faster. Secondly, good stoves practically do not affect the room temperature, bad ones heat up at a high speed.
Above the door there must be an extractor hood (visor-gas trap).
It is recommended to install special filters to extend the service life of the steam generator. They will soften water and prevent premature wear.
Electronic control is less reliable than electromechanical, but more flexible.
For high-end products and small-piece products, multilevel racks are selected.
Grease filters, a built-in chamber air purification system after each working cycle, interface with a computer for quality control and other additional functions facilitate not only the cooking process, but also often the equipment maintenance.
The possibility of replacing the energy carrier in rotary kilns is a good investment for those who plan to use the device for more than three years.
It should also be noted that rotary kiln wheels are just an integral part. They facilitate transportation, cleaning and maintenance. If you need to replace them, you need to contact trusted sellers. By clicking on this link https://www.fregat.com.ua/kolesa-dlya-pekaren-i-rotacionnyh-pechey, you will find a wide range of rollers for ovens, bakeries and bakeries made of heat-resistant materials, different diameters and load capacities.

Remember that a good multi-functional rack oven will help you avoid additional costs when expanding your product range or your business as a whole!