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    The company "Fregat", in cooperation with the leading supplier of wheels, rollers, and conveyor elements Torwegge (Germany) are pleased to offer you all the variety of conveyor elements.
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    Currently, many modern machine-building enterprises, chemical, food and other industries use roller conveyors (roller tables) of various types.

    Also, roller conveyors to increase the degree of automation of production processes are widely used in storage and distribution warehouses, logistics and other companies.

    Our company offers: conveyor rollers, roller tracks and ball bearings manufactured by "TORWEGGE" for the production and repair of drive and gravity conveyors, gravity shelving racks, pallet racks, ball tables, stands and other equipment.

    Conveyor rollers consist of a shell, axle and bearings. The driven conveyor rollers are also equipped with a drive element. The shell is made of steel, galvanized steel and plastic. Bearings are mainly used radial, which are protected by labyrinth seals. The axle design has several options: smooth, with external and internal threads, spring-loaded and with flats on a turnkey basis.

    When choosing a roller, you need to know its length (the roller itself, mounting, together with the axis), diameter, load, operating conditions in order to select the material of the shell.

    Roller tracks are a bent U-shaped profile in which metal or plastic rollers are installed on the axes with a constant or variable pitch. The dimensions of the profile, rollers and material are selected depending on the load and purpose.

    Ball bearings are a non-separable unit consisting of a steel or plastic ball installed in a housing, which has a hardened ball bearing with metal balls placed in it filling the gap between the ball and the bearing. This design of the ball bearing allows you to move the load along it in all directions and allows you to use these units in various production and conveyor lines.

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